This is how you plan your team now

The release of EA Sports FC 24 is getting closer. If you want to plan your team now, use a squad builder.

What are Squad Builders for EA Sports FC 24? Various portals on the internet offer such squad builders. They give you the opportunity to plan teams and try out which players might fit together in Ultimate Team – even before the release of EA FC 23.

Since the ratings for EA Sports FC 24 are now known, there is now an extensive database on these sites that enable Squad Builder.

If you want to try them out, you can find good squad builders here, for example:

This is how squad builders work for EA Sports FC 24

This is what a team looks like in Squad Builder (via futbin)

You should note this: The Squad Builders are pure planning tools that work outside of the game. They don’t bring you cards for the actual Ultimate Team mode.

Rather, they give you the opportunity to put together a dream team, try out different chemical compounds and see which cards might fit together.

This becomes particularly useful once the game has been released, because then you will usually be shown directly how much your team costs on the transfer market. This is ideal if you want to build strong teams to start in FUT. You can also see directly which players can play in which positions.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive Trailer

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Also helpful: the suggestion function. At FUTBIN, for example, you can use a small light bulb to suggest cards that match the cards you have chosen so far.

This works, for example, with regard to chemistry, but you can also filter by rating or individual stats such as pace or shot.

If you play around, you can quickly try out your first team compositions. You can also use the suggestion function to try to find a few cheap and surprising players who may be available for a few coins on the transfer market.

In general, Squad Builder, but also the other data from sites like FUTBIN and FUTWIZ, help you plan your team and, even after the release, find out what players are worth and whether it is worth buying or selling. So keep an eye on that.

Once you have checked the data, all you need to do is go to the web app to rebuild your team or make transfers. In theory, you don’t even need to go to the console to manage your Ultimate Team once you have joined the mode for the first time.

EA also recently announced when the web app for EA Sports FC 24 would launch.