This GTA: Vice City Mod restores removed buildings, cut dialogues and other things from the game

GTA: Vice City beta edition

Modder KalvinMDB has recently released a new version of the Vice City: BETA Edition mod. This mod tries to bring the most authentic/nostalgic experience from the game. VC: BETA Edition mod restores several removed buildings, dialogues, pedestrian looks and other things that didn’t make their way to the final copy of GTA: Vice City.

The modder took help from different sources like official guides, manuals/pre-release screenshots & leftover files. He also promises to further improve this mod as soon as he gets his hand on new resources.

How to Install the Vice City: BETA Edition mod:

Step 1: Download the installer from the Moddb page and place it in the GTA: VC directory

Step 2: Run the installer and select ‘Full Files’, ‘Advanced Installation’ and wait for the installation to finish

Note that only the Steam version of the Vice City is supported by this mod. Here is quick glimpse of what the game will look like through this mod: