This Gameboy Advance in Fallout look is a real eye-catcher

There is a large community for custom cases from Retro -Consoles. The Gameboy Advance SP is also always popular with skilled modders. A particularly impressive example is the fallout -inspired Gameboy Advance SP by Reddit user u/DarthGinsu. This Nintendo fan has his passion for both retro Nintendo consoles and the falloutfranchise with a radiant custom housing – both for the console and for the game cartridges.

A work of art that only really shines in the dark

In daylight, the console and cartridge cases look good, but relatively inconspicuous. Only when the lights go out do they reveal their full splendor. The case glows in the dark and thus fits perfectly with the green glow that is often associated with radioactive material. This aesthetic reminds us a little of uranium glass, which glows under UV light and is currently very popular among collectors.


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To the falloutTo round off the Gameboy Advance SP's look, the Vault-Tec lettering and the corresponding logo are also included. The iconic Vault Boy mascot with his thumbs up is also included and gives the custom design the finishing touch.

To match the console, the Reddit user also modified two Gameboy cartridges. One of them is a cartridge with Doom in the lamp look, the other is The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on a Gameboy cartridge that also glows. A really nice set.

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Where do the custom cases come from?

The user has the custom housing for the console from the shops UVPrintingOhio and NickysGBCustoms on Etsy. Both shops are known for their high-quality and creative custom cases that breathe new life into retro consoles. Unfortunately, the former does not deliver to Germany. What do you think of the Fallout-style Gameboy? Do you have a custom console yourself? Feel free to share your treasures with us!

Source: u/DarthGinsu via