This already great smartwatch is about to get even better! – Next Stage

There new OnePlus Watch 2R is revealed as a lighter and more accessible version of the popular OnePlus Watch 2. According to information leaked by leaker OnLeaks, this smartwatch is set to make its debut in Europe, bringing some significant changes that distinguish it from its predecessor, recently launched in China.

A lighter and more simplified design

With its aluminum casing, the OnePlus Watch 2R immediately stands out for its low weight compared to the original stainless steel version. This choice of material contributes to better portability and increased comfort, particularly appreciated by users who wear their watch all day.


In addition to aluminum, the strap also becomes thinner and lighter by using silicone. This modification not only ensures additional comfort, but also gives the watch a more modern and refined look. The removal of the protrusion on the right of the case reinforces this minimalist aesthetic.

Visuals adapted for the European market

The visuals shared by Android Headlines give us a first look at this watch adapted to the European market. We note the disappearance of Chinese characters for Latin characters, proof that the OnePlus Watch 2R is designed for a global audience. These aesthetic adjustments reinforce the appeal of this watch for consumers in Europe and potentially other regions of the world.

Performance and operating systems

The OnePlus Watch 2, launched earlier this year, stands out for its dual processor and dual operating system, combining RTOS and Wear OS. This unique configuration contributes to excellent battery life, rare for a smartwatch running Wear OS. The question remains on the other hand whether the Watch 2R will retain this feature or will be limited to RTOS only, as some speculations suggest.

It is imperative to remember that this assumption does not necessarily denote a decrease in performance. RTOS offers significant advantages in terms of power consumption, which could further propel the watch's autonomy to remarkable levels. However, adopting RTOS without the possibility of installing third-party applications could limit functionality for some demanding users.


An accessibility strategy

OnePlus seems to be aiming for an accessibility strategy with this new release. More economical materials and a simplified design should make the OnePlus Watch 2R affordable to a wider audience. This more economical approach aligns with the brand's desire to appeal to value-conscious consumers.

Planned launch and expectations

OnePlus is set to officially unveil the Watch 2R at an event in Milan on July 16. The highly anticipated launch is expected to shed light on the final technical specifications and price of the new watch. In the meantime, fans and observers are speculating about the features and improvements that the new version will bring.

A highly anticipated event

The choice of Milan for this announcement is not insignificant. This city, known for its technology and design events, fits perfectly with the launch of this watch with its neat aesthetic. With previous OnePlus watches having been notable successes, it is expected that the 2R will attract similar attention, if not more.

Anticipated technical characteristics

While the full details of the OnePlus Watch 2R are yet to be revealed, several features are anticipated. It is expected that:

  • The AMOLED screen is retained for exceptional visual quality.
  • The watch is equipped with advanced health sensors (heart rate, SpO2, etc.).
  • It offers IP68 rated water and dust resistance.

These features, combined with a more affordable price, could greatly boost its adoption in the global market.

FeaturesOnePlus Watch 2OnePlus Watch 2R
Case materialStainless steelAluminum
BraceletDense siliconeThin silicone
Operating systemRTOS + Wear OSRTOS (to be confirmed)
AutonomyUp to 2 weeksTo be determined