Thing. The most popular laser tape measure on AliExpress

 Thing.  The most popular laser tape measure on AliExpress

A tape measure at a construction site and during repairs is an irreplaceable thing.

But ordinary tape measures are not very convenient, because they often cannot properly hook onto an object, and their length is not always sufficient.


In such situations, laser roulettes come to the rescue. For example, Mileseey X5 с AliExpress.


The Mileseey X5 has a laser that determines the distance to any object. By default, all values ​​are shown in meters, up to thousandths after the decimal point.

A tape measure allows you to measure area, volume and height.


The device also has a button for switching lasers. This is useful if you need to make the most accurate calculations that will take into account the length of the rangefinder itself.


All measurements take place instantly and are recorded in the device’s memory.


The Mileseey X5 can store up to 20 measurements, which will be enough for most construction and installation work. They are retained even after the device is turned off.

The Mileseey X5 has several control buttons. They are responsible for the selection of measurement modes and mute.

The display is backlit. The laser turns on automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity, and the device itself after 3 minutes.

It uses two AAA batteries, which are not included in the package.

На AliExpress laser tape measure Mileseey X5 costs 825 rubles… This is a version with a 40 meter rangefinder. There are also modifications that work up to 60, 80 and 100 meters.

Delivery is carried out from a Russian warehouse and takes about a week.

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Can measure length, area and volume.

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