These developers are defending wholeheartedly what players don’t like in Starfield

Game news These developers are defending wholeheartedly what players don’t like in Starfield


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As good as the Starfield experience is, it features mechanics that have confused many players. Compared to the initial promises, some users say they are disappointed. But Bethesda has a word for all of them.


Right of reply

Without a doubt, Starfield was one of the major games of 2023. Presenting itself as “the biggest RPG in history” and displaying excessive ambitions with hundreds of planets to discover, cities to visit, ships to build, he impressed but also disappointed some players. In fact, he is not even nominated in the “game of the year” from the Game Awards. On Steam, both positive and negative comments are increasing. You will tell us that Starfield is not the first AAA to exceed 80 MC to encounter negative opinions on the Valve platform. And you will be right. However, what is less common is that Bethesda customer service itself responds directly to the saltiest comments!

The exercise is necessarily perilous. How do you respond to a negative review when you are part of the team that developed the criticized game? By reducing as best I can the impact of the concerns raised to focus on the positive. A user complains about an uninteresting game after around thirty hours? Bethesda insists that it takes around a hundred to understand the scope of the game and complete the side quests. Are there too many loading times? “This is normal, because the amount of data to manage is enormous”. No seamless landing on the planets? “It is because of the immensity of the game that begets the use of the gravitational jump”. Mechanics from another age? “No, because the player can decide how he achieves his goal”.

Bethesda has an answer for everything, leaving Steam users speechless. They’re not used to seeing such a major publisher respond to negative reviews. Is this a good idea from the communications team? We’ll let you judge.

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These developers are defending wholeheartedly what players don't like in Starfield

In orbit

Despite a few twists and turns, the launch of Starfield is, officially in any case, a success. It helped Microsoft achieve historic quarterly results while boosting the number of Game Pass subscribers, according to Satyal Nadella (the group’s CEO). A stunning success which went so far as to surprise the Redmond firm, since the results exceeded initial forecasts. As for the game itself, it has been out for two months.

Todd Howard said the app was designed to keep us playing for years to come with future updates. As of this writing, we just know that the extension named “Shattered Space” will arrive in 2024. With its 11 million players, the Bethesda title has a good basis for tomorrow’s expansions.

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