These 2019 predictions did not come true

Forecasts and predictions are often fundamentally wrong. In this context, it is exciting what expectations gamers had before the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. A time capsule lets you look back five years.

The video game industry is changing. After the introduction of the new generation of consoles was influenced by a global pandemic, but at the same time a real gaming boom broke out, the last few months have been characterized by studio closures and layoffs after a decline.


Likewise, there was a gigantic takeover in the video game industry. Activision Blizzard is since 2023 owned by the Xbox provider Microsoft, which became one of the largest multiplatform publishers. At the same time Sales of Xbox consoles are weakening and the first once-exclusive games from Microsoft landed on the PS5.

Hardly anyone would have predicted such a situation several years ago. And also one that is now open “Time Capsule” on Reddit makes it clear that players had different expectations and predictions in 2019.

Xbox will beat PlayStation

The two console manufacturers Sony and Microsoft are often the focus of the predictions. Before the introduction of the current-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, many players were hoping that the Redmond company would catch up again after the Xbox One disaster. With the takeover of Activision-Blizzard, this happened to a certain extent, but differently than expected. This is what it said in 2019:

  • “In the next generation of console wars, the Xbox will beat the PlayStation as Microsoft has tried to win people back after the Xbox One reveal fiasco and Sony has rested on its laurels since the success of the PS4.”
  • “The console race is tighter than the current one, with a slight lead for the PS5 due to the wide selection of PS4 titles, but many exclusive games on the new Xbox will make it a must-buy.”
  • “By focusing on first-party content, Xbox will win the next-gen console war.”
  • “The new Xbox will perform better than the Xbox One and launch with a ton of first-party content, while the Xbox One will be pretty starved for content in its final years.”

Since Microsoft does not publish any hardware figures, there is a question mark behind the last statement. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the greater availability of the Xbox Series S, a better start than the Xbox One launch can be expected, at least in the initial phase. Charts have now made it clear that the gap to the PS5 must be huge.


In any case, there wasn’t a “ton of first-party content”. And PS5 players are also currently looking at a rather narrow portfolio.

Microsoft is launching XB VR glasses

Other forecasts did not come true either. Microsoft cooperates in the VR market although with meta, but the company does not yet offer a competitor to PS VR2. And Activision-Blizzard also chose a different path. This was predicted in 2019 on the topics mentioned:

  • “Microsoft, given the success of Playstation VR, will try to produce an XboxVR headset called XVR. The results will be mediocre.”
  • “I will be bold and say that Activision-Blizzard will disband. Their interests should never have come together to create the terrible monster that it has become.”
  • “Battle royale games will no longer be as popular and will be replaced by a new fad.”

Another prediction almost hit the mark, considering the streaming handheld that has now been released PlayStation Portal considered. However, it is not “very cheap” at 219.99 euros.

  • “Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo would release a very cheap console or peripheral that allows you to stream video games from your system or from their servers.”

Licensed Xbox consoles and upgradeable hardware

In 2019, Microsoft's possible exit from the console business or a change in the hardware concept was also discussed. It has been a recurring theme over the past few months, with some very similar paragraphs. This is what Reddit users wrote in 2019:

  • “If Project Xbox [Xbox Series X/S] If it performs worse than the Xbox One, Microsoft will drop out of the console race and focus on the PC.”
  • “I think Microsoft will abandon the Xbox brand. I don’t know what they’ll do instead, though.”
  • “Microsoft will lead the change in consoles with the ability to mix and match parts like on a PC. You will buy a standard Xbox and have the option to upgrade the hard drive, graphics processor and motherboard with Microsoft certified parts.”
  • “It's very unlikely (like everything else here), but Microsoft will license the Xbox to other OEMs. I could certainly imagine a company like Alienware or Razer making their own Xbox consoles.”
  • “Xbox is developing something that resembles a handheld gaming device. It doesn't necessarily have to be a traditional handheld console. It could be a 5G-powered streaming device, or a variant of the Xbox controller that works better with smartphones.”

Microsoft promises the biggest technological leap yet for the next generation, but doesn't reveal what that means.

Through the entire “time capsule”, which contains much more than predictions about the consoles that were still unreleased at the time, you can dig around on Reddit. Because it is quite interesting what expectations many players had five years ago and what actually came true.

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