The Xbox release has finally been confirmed – what about the PS5?

The time has finally come: After several postponements, ARK: Survival Ascended finally appears on Xbox Series S | today at 6:00 p.m X. However, things are not looking good for Playstation players.

Why was the game postponed? Studio Wildcard had already postponed the console versions of ARK: Survival Ascended twice before due to continued problems with the game’s certification process for consoles.


The certification process for computer games on consoles involves a thorough review by the console manufacturers to ensure that the game meets certain quality standards, has no technical problems, and adheres to content and safety guidelines. The game’s poor performance could have been a reason for the long certification process.

When does it start? Microsoft has given the okay and ARK: Survival Ascended for Xbox Series S | X will be released this evening at 6:00 p.m. for the Xbox consoles Series S | X

To celebrate the release, Studio Wildcard is launching a set of new, official servers that will start a few hours after the game’s launch. The new servers offer some bonuses that are intended to give players a quick introduction to the survival hit.

ARK: Survival Ascended is shown for the first time in the trailer

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New issues with the PS5 version of ARK: Survival Ascended

What problems are there? ARK: Survival Ascended developer Studio Wildcard announced new, unexpected issues with the PS5 version of the game. Intensive work is being done on the release of the survival hit in close collaboration with Sony, but this will take more time than originally planned, the developer announced on the platform X with.


What about the release on PS5? A November release was originally targeted, but the studio is now aiming for an early December launch for the PS5 version. ARK developer, Studio Wildcard emphasizes in its official statement that they are working intensively on the best possible cross-platform experience. This could provide some insight into why the PS5 version isn’t finalized yet. An exact release date is not yet known.


This news is likely to be a major annoyance for ARK fans on the Playstation, as they will fall even further behind with the later release due to the cross-platform servers. Some people are already complaining about this fact in the comments under the statement on X.

If you want to get started straight away this evening, you can read everything you need to know in our article ARK: Survival Ascended: Release, Trailer and Gameplay – Everything we know about the dinosaur adventure so far.