The worst Walt Disney film since Chicken Little, the latest Disney disappoints after Frozen

Culture news The worst Walt Disney film since Chicken Little, the latest Disney disappoints after Frozen


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If you are a fan of the Disney universe, it is sad to see that the latest works of the dream machine no longer have the impact of the studio’s great classics. And the latest film is hardly reassuring…


A studio in search of itself?

Previously, the simple mention of the name Walt Disney was enough to make the eyes of animated film fans light up. Today, with everything that the American entity represents, there is a magic that has unfortunately been lost. Facing fierce competition in the streaming market and having to adapt to the conditions of an industry that is evolving very quickly, the Burbank, California firm seems decidedly on a downward slope. By wanting to eat at all the racks, Disney hardly knows where to turn and its animation department, a real reference in the field a few years ago, is paying the price. Last February, the Disney entity announced the elimination of 7,000 jobs and it is not with the latest addition to the studios that the smile will return to the faces of the firm’s senior management. The film may be called Wish, but the desire to be a hit is definitely not guaranteed.

A Disney Wish movie?

On November 29, Disney will release the animated film Wish, Asha and the Good Star in French cinemas. A cornerstone of the company’s hundredth anniversary, this feature film carries the ambitions of an entire studio! Symbolic in more than one way, this work unfortunately does not arrive with all the stars aligned. Although directed by Chris Buck, the director of Frozen, and Fawn Veerasunthorn, the head writer of Raya and the Last Dragon, the brave Wish, Asha and the Lucky Star received extremely mixed reviews, to say the least . With a score of 58% on Rotten Tomatoes and 50/100 on Metacritic, the work unfortunately obtains the worst ratings since Chicken Little in 2005!

According to initial opinions, we are very far from the excellence of the film The Mitchells Against the Machines or even Moana. For the moment, there is very clearly a gap between the press reviews of the first viewings and the spectators who have the impression, for some, of seeing a Rapunzel film “Wish version”, that is to say of lesser quality. quality. According to these first opinions, we don’t have a bad time and the film is a great technical demonstration, but we don’t come out of the cinemas with the feeling of having seen a great film. As usual, you will be the only masters of your feelings and you will perhaps have an excellent time. But it is likely that this feature film is unfortunately divisive and is only a small ripple compared to the tsunami of Frozen. Released, delivered… okay, let’s stop.