The Waze map service gets support for Coolwalk

With Google starting to roll out the update to its vehicle-specific service Android Auto, support for some other apps to use Android Auto became a bit sloppy. This is because the updated version whose new interface, named as Coolwalk, added possibilities such as using split screen and changing the appearance by moving the panels of apps.

In the case of Waze, which is Google’s own mapping service together with Google Maps, it was still possible to use the mapping service, but without support for Coolwalk. Now, however, they have started to roll out an update to Waze that will provide full Coolwalk functionality and thus the popular map service will once again become a full-scale alternative to Google Maps.

The update to Waze is in the works for this now, but will be rolling out over the next few weeks so it may take a while to show up.