The United States realizes the super hybrid of SSD and mechanical disk: 700PB capacity and speed rush to 10TB/s–fast technology–technology changes the future

Kuaitech News on April 11, the United States announced the storage system architecture of the TOP500 strongest supercomputer Frontier, which is a mix of SSD and HDD hard drives, with a total capacity of more than 700PB.

SSD has strong performance and HDD has large capacity. The advantages of these two types of hard drives are indispensable. Both types of hard drives are indispensable in high-performance computing such as supercomputing. For this reason, Frontier supercomputing system provider developed Orion Storage System,It consists of 50 cabinets with a total capacity of up to 700PB.


The Orion system consists of three layers of storage subsystems, including SSD and HDD. The file system is ZFS FS. Data over 90 days will be automatically transferred to the archive.

The first layer of the Orion system is the most powerful, consisting of 5,400 NVMe SSD hard drives.The total capacity is 11.5PB, the peak speed can reach 10TB/s, and the random performance can reach 2 million IOPS.

The second-tier system is composed of 47,700 HDD hard disks, and it uses PMR technology. It seems that supercomputing systems are also very taboo on SMR hard disks.They form a large capacity of 679PB,The speed can also reach the level of 4.6TB/s read and 5.5TB/s write.

The third layer of storage is mainly 480 NVMe hard disks with a capacity of 10PB, mainly for storing metadata, and the performance has not been announced.


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