The Ultimate Anime Dream Come True: An Epic Journey for Fans

Berserk may have established itself in the pantheon of the most notable mangas, but it has never had the right to an anime worthy of the name. That will change next year.

The Berserk manga continues irregularly despite the sudden death of its author a few years ago now. The work officially continues its publication under the supervision of Kouji Mori, his childhood friend to whom he confided about the end of the manga. Readers must, however, be patient since chapter 377 is not ready to arrive. The manga is on hiatus again and fans have no news about its return, but the anime Berserk The Black Swordsman had an important announcement to make.


Finally a Berserk anime worthy of the name?

This was a highly anticipated announcement within the community. Unlike many popular manga, Berserk has always had a complicated relationship with animation. The manga has certainly left its mark on many works, but ultimately it never had the right to an adaptation worthy of the name and one that gets to the bottom of things. The films and series to date have never really gone further than the most iconic and shocking arc of the manga, while Guts' adventure is just as interesting after this traumatic moment. It's for this reason that around a hundred talented fans decided to create the Eclypse studio and take matters into their own hands with Berserk The Black Swordsman.

The objective: to create an unofficial anime, but as qualitative as an official production. The first images were mouth-watering, but we were finally able to discover the first trailer for the project and it's clearly worthy of an official anime. We find the touch of the present adaptations, but an animation and visual quality up to date. Berserk The Black Swordsman already has the entire community in agreement, having dreamed of such a project for years. However, you will have to wait a little longer, since the anime will not arrive before 2025.

Initially, Berserk The Black Swordsman will focus on The Black Warrior arc, the very first of the manga, extending from chapter 1 to 8. The studio, however, sees further and has already made known its desire to adapting everything that has never been shown on screen until today in the long term. You can support their initiative by donating a few euros on their page Patreon.