The telephone rang "from the police". She knew immediately what was going on

The phone rang “from the police”. She knew immediately what was going on

Fraudsters are using more and more creative ways to hijack our data and money. This is evidenced by the situation described by the Małopolska Police. According to the officers, cybercriminals called their potential victim impersonating police officers from the Cybercrime Department of the Police Headquarters in Krakow.

Małopolska Police described the incident on Tuesday, October 19. One of the residents of Krakow answered the phone. The person on the other side of the handset introduced himself as a policeman from the department of combating cybercrime of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Krakow . Everything looked very credible, especially since the call was made from a number starting with 4783 … that is the number of the Police in Małopolska.

Cybercriminals impersonated policemen to fight cybercrime

The woman was surprised, however, by the alleged policeman’s request. The man wanted to transferred funds accumulated on the account in order to “protect” them . The resident of Krakow remained vigilant and did not fall for the cybercriminal. She ended the connection and contacted the real cybercrime department of the Police Headquarters in Krakow. In this way, she did not fall victim to the so-called spoofing.


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