The State Duma wants the media to cover resonant incidents facelessly

The media are trying to prohibit specifying the nationality of criminals

Apparently, such facts make someone nervous, but here it is not without double standards.

The last high-profile incident with an employee of the Investigative Committee in Tyumen caused a wide public outcry. An accident with a drunken major, whose BMW literally tore two road workers on the highway to shreds, is discussed all over Russia. And against this background, an equally resonant statement suddenly appears by the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption Anatoly Vyborny.

He proposed to de facto prohibit the media from covering incidents involving government officials, mentioning the position of the perpetrator of the incident. In his opinion, this could lead to a deterioration in the reputation of the department and its employees.


“There is absolutely no need to shift the emphasis to the position of the person. Some offenses that have criminal consequences are committed intentionally – for example, rape, embezzlement, robbery, and so on. And others without specific intentions – as a result of an accident, road accident in certain circumstances. In such cases, it is not entirely correct to focus on the position of this or that government body, because a negative opinion is formed, “Vyborny quoted as saying. “Gazeta.Ru”.

The deputy’s words did not go unnoticed, he was already objected by the chairman of the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Solovyov, noting that recently journalists have been banned a lot, in cases of describing the actions of criminals.

Let us remind you that just a few days ago the Chechen parliament came up with an initiative to prohibit the media and information and telecommunication networks from indicating the suspect’s nationality, religion, and affiliation with the peoples of Russia.


As for the shadow that the criminal casts on the entire department or at least the regional administration, the journalists believe, then it should be. And all colleagues should be ashamed of their officer, and the leadership should bear at least disciplinary responsibility.

And, speaking openly, such initiatives are at odds with the deeds and hint at a position of double standards among parliamentarians. An example is the incident with the State Duma deputy Valery Rashkin himself, who shot an elk. His name and affiliation to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation have not been rinsed yet only by the lazy. Representatives of the parliament itself and the same Investigative Committee willingly give comments on this topic.



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