the spies return with their original voices

Sam, Alex and Clover will be back next year in a new season loaded with nostalgia for 90s kids.

Mandy’s nightmare finally comes true: the woodcocks are back. The cult trio of totally spies finally signs up for a new burst of episodes, eleven years after the last season. Sam, Alex and Clover revealed their television return in 2022, not without some reactions from fans. The first promotional images suggested a redesign of the heroines which was not to everyone’s taste. A fan art had also got the better of Twitter users who got carried away without even checking the source of these images. 90s kids wear totally spies in their hearts and do not seem ready to leave their icons to a new generation.

Regardless, the totally spies resume service for WOOHP and will return to our screens in 2024. As revealed in the short announcement teaser shared by the children’s channel Gulli, it seems that the artists have nevertheless undertaken some design changes following feedback from fans. Clover says goodbye to her new barrette and finds her old haircut. The arsenal, however, seems to have evolved: the girls are now accompanied by state-of-the-art drones which appear to be powered by AI. Was Jerry replaced? Before knowing for certain, here is what we already know about this new season of totally spies.

The Spies are back with a new look for a new season!#Totally spies season 7, soon @gulli#New #Logo

— Gulli (@gulli) September 7, 2023

A broadcast in 2024 with the original cast

For now, the return of Totally Spies does not yet have a specific release date. Although we will have to be content with a simple 2024, this nevertheless has the merit of confirming a more or less imminent release. All that remains is to hope that small drone robots will not replace the famous Com-powder magazines of the past, otherwise, hello blasphemy. For its seventh season, the program will remain produced by its original studio, Marathon Media, now called Zodiak Kids. The teams will have the difficult task of adapting the retro and chic atmosphere of Beverly Hills of the 90s into a format designed for today’s young spectators.

Despite all the nostalgia and anticipation in the world, it is worth remembering that this new season is not designed for early viewers, no offense to the 90’s kids. The use of the original credits in the promotional material, however, provides a glimmer of hope for early fans. They will also be delighted to learn that the original cast composed of Céline Mauge (Alex and Mandy), Claire Guyot (Sam) and Fily Keita (Clover) will make their comeback on this occasion.

Claire Guyot, Céline Mauge and Fily Keita respectively reprise their roles as Sam, Alex and Clover in the next season of Totally Spies! Broadcast planned for 2024 on @gulli 📺🌸 #totally spies

— Romu Magic (@RomuMagic) September 18, 2023