The Smurfs get into NFTs… to save the planet

The Smurfs land in the world of NFTs.A collection of 12,500 works bearing the image of Peyo’s creations arrives on the blockchain.Thanks to this ambitious initiative, the holders of these digital Smurfs can contribute to the fight against global warming.

Everyone knows the Smurfs.According to a study conducted by IMPS, there socieyoue thatI ofyouient there listsnotthis brand digital, 95% of people are familiar with the little blue creatures imagined by the Belgian artist Peyo in 1958. Capitalizing on their popularity, IMPS has therefore imagined a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) highlighting these emblematic blue creatures.


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The Smurfs go Web3

Called The Smurfs’ Society, the collection includes no less than 12,500 digital works inspired by the Smurfs’ universe and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.In detail, it consists of 250 unique characters declined in 50 different ways.Each token represents a 3D character, iconic (like the sportsman) or new (the sommelier, the hacker, the spy, etc.).IMPS has also imagined a crypto Smurf with a wallet from the French brand Ledger around his neck.

To develop the collection, the Belgian company called on a series of renowned artists including Fafi Birtak, Philippe Druille and Antonyo Marest.In addition, the artistic direction of the project has been entrusted to Cédric Hervet, the artistic director of the famous musical group Daft Punk.

The sale of the collection is the logical continuation of the efforts made by the company in the past year.Among its greatest successes, IMPS has developed a game on Lens Protocol, a blockchain-based decentralized social network, which has met with great success.The Smurfs have also established themselves in the metaverse with a dedicated village in The Sandbox, a decentralized virtual space founded by French people.

Starting this summer, the little blue elves will continue their journey in the digital world “with a treasure hunt that will be organized in The Sandbox in July 2023”, explains Julien Romanetto, the entrepreneur at the head of the project.According to him, most individuals interested in the collection are already active in the Web3 ecosystem because ” you have to know how to use the tools of the ecosystem “.


“We hope to reach more people in the long term.Our ultimate goal is to be the gateway from Web2 to Web3”says Julien Romanetto.

Gifts for holders

To attract buyers, The Smurfs’ Society will offer “unique benefits” to these.Holders of the NFTs in the collection will be able to access exclusive experiences such as meetings with celebrities, tickets for sporting events or goodies.These tokens will also give privileged access to satellite projects currently under development, specifies the press release.

Questioned by us, Julien Romanetto assures us that the development team is working on many related projects related to the world of video games, and in particular a Play-to-Earn format comparable to the blockbuster StepN which remunerates its users according to the steps made.

Ultimately, The Smurfs’ Society aims to build a universe in Web3 with “innovative experiences, individual rewards and collective projects”.A sale at Christie’s, the British auction house owned by French billionaire François Pinault, is also on the program.

The fight against global warming

Thanks to the profits made by the sales of NFT, The Smurfs’ Society participates directly in the fight against global warming by donating “a portion of its profits to NGOs in the environmental and sustainability sectors”.

Under the impetus of Julien Romanetto, the collection will also give life to a DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, which is one of the cornerstones of Web3.Composed of a multitude of participants, these communities operate on the basis of governance rules written into smart contracts, smart contracts deployed on the blockchain.DAOs are designed to operate horizontally, with no hierarchy system among members.

This organization will be exclusively dedicated to the climate crisis.In an open letter, Julien Romanetto and his partners explain that they want to take advantage of “Web3 principles and technologies for the benefit of our planet”.To curb global warming, those in charge of the collection will rely on “the worldwide community of Smurfs”.