The Sims Competitor Faces Third Rejection, but this time it’s Even Harder to Swallow

Game news “It wasn’t an easy decision”: this Sims competitor is rejected a third time, but this time it doesn’t feel as good as the others


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Presented as one of the most serious competitors to The Sims in years, this life simulation was due to be released in early access in a few weeks. Unfortunately, this will not be the case after an announcement that surprised everyone.


It's a real cold shower. Since its presentation, Life By You is seen as one of the most serious competitors to The Sims in years. It must be said that the project is developed by Paradox Interactive, a Swedish video game publisher known for the recent Crusader Kings III for example, but above all that all this is led by Rod Humble, one of the former minds behind The Sims. With all this, everything seems aligned to sign a future hit. And yet…

Life by You, a serious competitor to The Sims

Normally, Life by You should have submitted to the judgments of players on June 4, the release date of its early access. Suffice to say that two weeks before its launch, everyone thought they could get their hands on it without the slightest problem. But it was at the beginning of the week that a press release from Paradox Tectonic came out, and it does not bring good news. Here it is :

After careful consideration, we regret to announce that we have decided to cancel the Life by You Early Access release date, previously set for June 4. This decision was not an easy one to make, especially as we understand many players' impatience and excitement for the game. However, we believe additional development time is necessary.

Although we would have preferred to commit to a new release window, we believe it is more prudent to wait while we plan, rather than commit to a new date that we cannot be sure of meeting.

We will provide you with further information as soon as possible. Until then, we would like to sincerely thank you for your support and patience.

Mattias Lilja, Deputy Managing Director of Paradox Interactive

A worrying report for the future?

This announcement less than two weeks before the release of early access is even more worrying than this time, no new release date is given. This is the third time that the project has been postponed, after a first date set in September 2023, then in March 2024 and finally in June which will not even be held. Is the development of Life by You so complicated that it is worrying for the rest of the project? This is what players are starting to think, and Paradox will quickly have to reassure them. In the meantime, production of The Sims 5 continues, while inZOI, an equally ambitious Korean competitor to The Sims, could well steal this place.

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