The second Japan – Maciej Wierzyński’s column

Jawność majątków rodzin polityków. Jest wyrok Trybunału Konstytucyjnego

After years of a stabilized course of complacency and giving away money, the politics of the ruling party in our troubled and more fortunate country has entered a time of chaotic movements and turmoil. Time is not easy, and one old man, even a genius, cannot control the situation. This man, that is the President, who has so far spoken sparingly in public, and his words thus acquired the necessary dignity and seriousness, has recently been forced to speak more often. As a result, like Mateusz Morawiecki, he has to change his mind on important issues overnight, i.e. spinning.

For example, recently announced that our country is facing several crises. This astonished at least some of his followers, because they were used to nothing but good news. Total opposition was to blame for everything bad. Among the crises, he mentioned inflation, a term so far absent in the PiS’s political dictionary, and if it is reserved for the opposition and ridiculed for its abuse. It is known that such a thing has not happened in the country ruled by the President so far. Similarly with COVID. According to Prime Minister Morawiecki, the world could not get over how wonderfully we are dealing with this plague, and suddenly the President lists the epidemic among crises to be overcome.



However, the President is silent about the heroic defense of the endangered borders, although his ministers have publicly shed tears on this matter. Fortunately, grateful compatriots did not forget about this defense. Thanks to the regular reading of the “Sieci” weekly, I also found out that Poles “are responding in large numbers to the campaign of sending postcards to defenders of Polish borders.” Children from the lower grades of primary schools were herded into action and these children thank the “Polish heroes”.


Children are not surprised because they do not know what they are doing. But is it heroic to piss tear gas on a guy who beats barbed wire with a shovel in impotent rage? I have doubts here. If so, how do you pay tribute to the soldiers of Westerplatte? What words should I use to express my gratitude to the defenders of Warsaw in 1920? How to avoid unnecessary pathos in this new and unusual situation? I do not know myself, but here I see a grateful field for Minister Blaszczak: let the minister establish a special ministerial medal. Because how to honorably honor those hit by a treacherous slingshot? Be awarded with the Virtuti Militari Cross? It would be an exaggeration, the minister will probably agree with me. By the way, I am curious to see how this grotesque war on the border with Belarus will go down in our history. I do not rule out that for the President, Prime Minister Morawiecki and Minister Błaszczak, it is their battle at Grunwald, or perhaps Victoria Vienna, fought as it once was, alone, in defense of Christian Europe.

This war is indisputable proof that we are getting up from our knees. Admittedly, after reading the weekly magazine “Sieci”, I found out that there is no war on the border. There are merely “unprecedented events” and “a serious impasse in relations, not between Poland and Belarus, but between Belarus and the European Union.” President Duda allows himself this bold view and adds that, as a sovereign country, we have the right to remind us that we do not wish to get along with Putin and Lukashenka over our heads. “If someone wants to talk to each other, let them talk. But we will not recognize the results of any conversations, or adapt to the expectations formulated during a discussion in which we do not participate” – Andrzej Duda states politely but firmly, as if he forgot that he signed important documents on standing in the presence of Donald Trump, lounging in the chair.


I am reading the biographies of Henry Kissinger and from there I found out that the first secret US-Chinese contacts made the Japanese very concerned. “Washington has promised Tokyo that the US will not take any action against China without first consulting Japan,” writes biography author Walter Isaacson. “The promise was broken in the worst possible way.” Kissinger believed that it was just a matter of good manners, but “it would be more polite and prudent to send someone to inform the Prime Minister of Japan personally.”

It is possible that the Germans and the French once made a similar vow to our governments. After all, there is only one lesson from both of these incidents, it is not worth overestimating your own abilities, and certainly not worth trusting politicians who, like PiS, have repeatedly proved that they misjudge reality, and if they feel comfortable, they change their minds. The plagues that have recently hit Poland are proof of this. Inflation was not supposed to take place, and covid was supposed to end in the summer, but it is still ongoing. The money from the Union was also supposed to flow, and although we were entitled to it, it did not flow.


One can take comfort in the fact that Japan somehow survived Kissinger’s sidewalks. Poland, however, is not the second Japan, and, as it turned out later, the Japanese knew about everything anyway.

Maciej Wierzyński – TV journalist, publicist. After the introduction of martial law, he was released from TVP. In 1984 he emigrated to the USA. He was a scholarship holder at Stanford University and Penn State University. He set up the first multi-hour Polish-language channel Polvision on cable TV “Group W” in the USA. In 1992-2000 he was the head of the Polish Voice of America Section in Washington. Since 2000, the editor-in-chief of the New York “Nowy Dziennik”. He has been associated with TVN24 since 2005.


Main photo source: TVN24

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