The RPG Dragonheir: Silent Gods is released worldwide today

The fun RPG Dragonheir is here and it is the ideal game for fantasy fans and fans of pen & paper role playing games.

What is Dragon Heir? Get ready for an epic adventure in the brand new open-world strategy RPG Dragonheir: Silent Gods. The game is published by Nuverse, who also developed the popular Marvel Snap. In addition, the gameplay is reminiscent of the famous pen & paper role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, among other things due to the dice and the fantastic characters, as well as the original combat system.

What’s the story? The game takes you into an open world full of magic and dragons! The region of Adenthia lies in ruins after a war between the dragon gods, but the worst is yet to come. The three-headed dragon queen is determined to plunge the already damaged world into darkness, and only you, the chosen one, can stop her.

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The game features a dynamic story that evolves depending on your decisions and actions. This is ensured by over 80 hours of dialogue and over 600,000 words of action text. So you can create your own epic.

Even more: Dragonheir: Silent Gods relies on the luck of the dice, whereby the dice have an influence on your story. So pay attention to the consequences of your decisions.

Where can you play it? Dragonheir is one of the multiplatform titles presented at Apple WWDC 2023. The game is available for all platforms including Mac, Windows, Epic, iOS and Android. Silent Gods is one of the most anticipated releases of the fall season. More than 3 million pre-orders prove this impressively.

Get Dragonheir: Silent Gods here

Who are the developers? The game is published by Nuverse, publishers of Marvel Snaps, a digital card game with over 30 million downloads that was named Best Mobile Game at the 2022 Game Awards.

The development is carried out by SGRA, an independent studio made up of passionate and experienced developers who have worked on major franchises such as Pokémon and Monster Hunter.

Explore the spectacular open world of Adenthia

Travel through various biomes – from snow-capped mountains to vast forests and volcanic regions – to discover ancient secrets or complete one of the game’s many side quests. The game features an exotic universe using the latest graphics and sound technologies from Apple. These include features such as space audio and the adaptive refresh rate.

The entire continent of Adenthia consists of more than 280 scenarios. On the way there you will come across dungeons, puzzles and allies who will help you in your search. You can do whatever you want. And thanks to high-quality character models and a symphonic soundtrack, your journey will be particularly intense.

Create your own unique character

You start with a hero who suffers from amnesia. In order to regain your lost memories and your abilities, you as the game’s protagonist recruit powerful allies and explore the secrets of the continent of Adenthia.


You can design your character to your heart’s content and choose between three races and four professions, and you can also freely adjust your character’s characteristics such as strength, intelligence and charisma. This quickly creates a hero who completely suits you.

Immediately afterwards you choose the character’s class. Choose carefully, as it will have a big impact on the way you fight. Do you want to use pure strength to defeat enemies, or would you rather rely on cunning and cunning? The decision is yours!

Get Dragonheir: Silent Gods here

Strategy and luck lead to victory

Dragonheir: Silent Gods features an innovative semi-real-time combat system that combines strategy and dice rolling. Before the combat phase begins, you can check the characteristics of your heroes and those of the enemies and choose the best strategy to defeat the opponents.

Use this information to assemble a strong team of heroes from the nearly 200 characters you recruit throughout the adventure:

The usable factors include 8 main combat characteristics, 6 elemental types, 9 main personalities, 20 races and 21 professions. This allows you to create dozens of variants. On top of that, you can also manage equipment and skills and thus optimize your team even more.


Once the fight starts, you have the choice between different actions and positions. But dice rolls ultimately determine the success or failure of your actions as well as the damage and effects it all causes.

So if you want to explore the open world of Adenthia and create your own story, get Dragonheir: Silent Gods, available worldwide today, September 19th for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and the Epic Games Store.

Get Dragonheir: Silent Gods here

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