The PS5 role-playing game celebrates its first birthday

One year ago today, “Final Fantasy 16” was released for PS5. A brief look back at a successful action role-playing game that, however, did not fully satisfy Square Enix.

Exactly one year ago today, “Final Fantasy 16” was released. We would like to use this opportunity to give you a brief review of the latest main part of the legendary RPG series.


According to the test results, Square Enix delivered a convincing gaming experience with part 16. On a whole 87 points The metascore climbed. A total of 134 test ratings were positive, the remaining twelve were neutral. A negative rating? None.

The users are also mostly satisfied, with an average of 8.1 out of 10 points. Like the press, they praised the successful combat system, the mostly exciting story, the scope and the impressive Esper battles.

However, not every player was satisfied. Some felt like they were playing an action adventure and would have liked more RPG elements, which once defined the franchise. The low difficulty level and the boring side missions were also criticized.

Square Enix has not regretted the decision to focus on action. This has enabled the Japanese publisher to to rejuvenate the series' target audience.


How well did the action role-playing game sell? At least the first sales figure was quite impressiveIn the first week, more than three million players bought the game. Later, analyst Mat Piscatella spoke of a good performancebut it is not a bestseller. Finally, Square Enix spoke up and said that “Final Fantasy 16” failed to meet commercial expectations The same goes for “Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth,” which has even higher ratings.

At least the game was successful enough to release two DLCs. The first of these was released in December 2023, shortly after the announcement at the Game Awards. Expansion number two followed in April of this year and delivered another epic Esper battle.

“Final Fantasy 16” is still available exclusively for PlayStation 5. However, a PC version should be released this year. In March 2024, producer Naoki Yoshida said that development was coming to an end. In addition to the PC, Ports for other systems consequences.

If you don’t have the adventure with Clive yet, you can currently download a PS Store discount of 40 percent. This means you only pay 47.99 euros. This offer is valid until July 4th. If you also want the DLCs mentioned, you will have to invest another 24.99 euros.

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