The president of Aveyron Arnaud Viala wants to bring together again and again

In a back-to-school seminar in Sévérac-d’Aveyron, “Tous pour l’Aveyron” “mapped out the prospects”.

Sharing “the same center-right values”they had gathered behind Arnaud Viala to win the departmental election of June 2021. The 32 elected representatives of “Tous pour l’Aveyron” – majority group “and not a political movement”, hastens to specify the president of the Department – ​​met for a back-to-school seminar, Wednesday, September 21, at the Domaine de Soussuéjouls, in Sévérac-le-Château. For “take a look back and outline the outlook for the coming year”.

“We launched twelve challenges in record time”

Arnaud Viala wants to maintain the fire of a work dynamic, “very dense for a year” who will have laid the groundwork for a project “ambitious for Aveyron”, both in substance and in form. And led at a fast pace, recognizes the president. “Inertia did not prevail, we did not perpetuate the methods hitherto in force. We wanted to rethink our way of acting in the service of the Aveyronnaispleads Arnaud Viala. It’s true, we launched twelve challenges in record time, the departmental project overwhelmed us and in everything we wrote, there is nothing that we did not initiate. With always the permanent will to innovate and to be force of proposals.”

Efficiency, efficiency, determination, enthusiasm, “to give the best of ourselves to our fellow citizens” are the words of the president – ​​who readily admits his “dread of disappointing” – to qualify the work accomplished in twelve months and outline the procedure to follow for this “year II” of the mandate. At the risk of straining the teams, elected officials and agents. The president does not evade “these concerns aroused by the high pace of work”and is used “through frequent meetings with all the agents in particular, to send them a message of confidence and serenity”. Without slowing down on the forward march of the projects to be implemented: “I want us to keep a steady pace”warns Arnaud Viala.

The motto of Tous pour l’Aveyron

Gathering together again and again to move forward without stopping could be the motto of Tous pour l’Aveyron, guided by a “permanent partnership will”in other words “be an actor of a positive synergy with other communities, consular chambers, the State, institutions, economic actors…”. And even the various left and independent minority group in the departmental assembly “with which there are interactions, a work dynamic”concedes Arnaud Viala.

With such a roadmap, the year to come is taking shape in the continuity of the method undertaken. By refining the management of files. “We are going to deploy the departmental project with a spotlight, every month, on one of our twelve challenges to prioritize it”, launches Arnaud Viala. Starting with the issue of water and sustainable development, “through the implementation of an action plan, a strategy to arm Aveyron on this theme”.


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