The plight of Kingdom Hearts fans: seeking new content from the creators

Game news Kingdom Hearts fans are unloved and have to beg the developers for new content


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A few days ago, we celebrated the 22nd anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts saga, popular with both Disney and Final Fantasy fans. However, news about Kingdom Hearts 4 is rare and Kingdom Hearts Missing Link does not seem close to release. So many things that fans are now begging Square Enix to provide news.


Kingdom Hearts: the meeting of two cult universes

Launched in 2002, the Kingdom Hearts saga has united a large number of fans around it, attracted by the clever mix between the universes of Disney and Final Fantasy. Three years later, and after the release of a Final Mix version for the first opus, it is Kingdom Hearts II which has delighted fans around the world. Unfortunately, these fans then had to wait 14 years to see Kingdom Hearts III arrive, although it was announced in 2013. In the meantime, numerous spin-offs and improved versions have been published, to the point of being worth some frank mockery. It is true that with its titles and the multiplicity of supports used, many players have been totally lost.

Since Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2019, players have been treated to Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road and Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, but it is not towards these titles that the community's gaze is directed. April 10, 2022, and on the occasion of the celebrations surrounding the 20th anniversary of the franchise, Square Enix has officially announced Kingdom Hearts IV and Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link. The first is obviously the next major opus of the license, while the second is a mobile game taking place in Scala ad Caelum. A closed beta took place from November 29 to December 8, 2023, but it was restricted to the United Kingdom and Australia.

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Kingdom Hearts 4 is very low-key, so fans are coming up with theories

However, the release of this mobile title is expected for 2024and should keep fans busy while waiting for Square Enix, which has just released Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, to bring up Kingdom Hearts 4 again. that fans of the franchise are clamoring for, who beg Square Enix to bring a little grist to their mill. You just have to look on social networks to see that players are dying to know where the game they are waiting for is. It is true that since the announcement of the game a little less than two years ago, the latter simply disappeared from the radar.

After (Update) Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in 2024, this legendary RPG from the same creators returns. These statements say a lot about the progress of the project!

We thought we had news at the end of March via an interview with Yoko Shimomura, composer, but it was a false alarm. IGN initially reported that the musician was working on several songs for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 4 soundtrack, before correcting to indicate that she was working on “several games” without specifying which ones. So fans held on for what they could. For example, at the end of January, fans did their little calculations. The reasoning is based on ichiban kuji, Japanese lotteries where participants can hope to win exclusive prizes. Kingdom Hearts is affected every two years, and the 2024 edition is dedicated to Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link. It was enough for players waiting for Kingdom Hearts 4 to say that a release in 2026 is now entirely possible. In any case, we hope to quickly have news about the game and its mechanics.

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