The next Ryzen generation will be released this year according to Gigabyte

AMD has not confirmed when the next generation of Ryzen processors will be launched, but according to the manufacturer Gigabyte, the launch will take place sometime in 2023.

Gigabyte has now launched two new AM5-based servers named E133-C10 and R133-C10. In connection with this launch, Gigabyte sent out a press release where it may have disclosed information about the next generation of Ryzen processors.

The press release mentions that AMD’s socket AM5 will be supported until the year 2025. This is something AMD talks about before and thus it is not surprising that new Ryzen generations built for the socket will be launched. However, we have not had any official information regarding when we will see the set of AM5 processors launched. Something the press release has now given by claiming that the next generation of Ryzen processors will be launched later this year.

AMD launched socket AM5 and the first Ryzen 7000 processors in late 2022. Thus, it would not be entirely surprising if the next generation was launched about a year later. However, we do not know what kind of processors it is. Whether it is the Zen 5 architecture or a refreshed Zen 4 architecture like Zen+ that was launched a few years ago is unclear. AMD is also said to be planning the launch of even more Ryzen X3D processors.

Thus, it’s hard to say if it’s the Zen 5-based Ryzen 8000 series that’s coming this year or if it’s a misinterpretation and Gigabyte actually means additional Zen 4 processors. It would not come as a big surprise if AMD launches more processors in 2023. However, which ones they will be remains to be seen.

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