The Navigo Pass will still be reimbursed, how to take advantage of it?

After the demonstrations linked to the pension reform, the Pass Navigo will again be reimbursed. Here’s how to know if you’re affected.

After two first waves of reimbursement linked to the quality of service on its lines, the RAPT and the Île-de-France region have just announced the deployment of a new reimbursement campaign. This time, the Parisian transport network evokes the consequent disruptions linked to strikes against pension reform. Between March and April 2023, several days of mobilization strongly affected the quality of service at RATP.

Will you be reimbursed?

Unlike the first reimbursement campaign at the beginning of the year which concerned all holders of a Navigo subscription, this new operation will not benefit everyone. Only Ile-de-France residents traveling on the lines RER and Transilien managed by SNCF will indeed be able to claim compensation, Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) announced on Thursday.

Concretely, this campaign therefore concerns a little more than 2 million users in total, for reimbursements varying between €10 and €91.30. In its press release, IDFM specifies “Twenty-nine branches of train lines saw, over at least one day, a service lower than 33% (of the usual offer, note). Some have had more than 20 days of service below 33%”.

Each day below the minimum service of 33% will thus give the right to a fixed compensation of €2.80 per day, on condition of justifying a monthly or annual Navigo Pass, a discovery package, reduced 50% solidarity 75% , or even a Pass Senior or Imagine R. A minimum compensation of 10€ will be provided as hardship compensation. This minimum will, for example, be offered to users of line L or RER C (Massy branch). For the others, it will be necessary to add to this amount the €2.80 extra per strike day.

The details of the refunds have not yet been disclosed. However, we already know that passengers on line N Paris-Mantes will be reimbursed €21.20, while users of line R Paris – Montereau via Héricy will receive €91.30 in compensation, these the latter having been particularly affected by the strikes.

List of axes concerned:

  • C-line
    • Dourdan (1 day impacted)
    • Massy (2 days impacted)
    • Versailles Works (5 days impacted)
    • Saint-Quentin (5 days impacted)
    • Versailles Left Bank (6 days impacted)
    • Pontoise (5 days impacted)
  • D-Line
    • Star of Corbeil (20 days impacted)
    • North (7 days impacted)
    • South – Corbeil via Évry CC (12 days impacted)
    • South via Combs (12 days impacted)
  • E-line
    • Haussmann – Villiers-sur-Marne – Tournan (1 day impacted)
    • Haussmann – Chelles-Gournay (6 days impacted)
  • H-line
    • Paris – Montsoult – Luzarches (8 days impacted)
  • J-line
    • Ermont Eaubonne (3 days impacted)
    • Mantes-la-Jolie via Poissy (3 days impacted)
    • Mantes-la-Jolie via Conflans-Sainte-Honorine and Paris Saint-Lazare – Gisors (5 days impacted)
  • K-line
    • Paris – Crépy-en-Valois (3 days impacted)
  • L-line
    • Paris Saint-Lazare – Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche and Paris Saint-Lazare -Versailles Right Bank (3 days impacted)
    • Paris Saint-Lazare – Cergy-le-Haut (3 days impacted)
  • Line N
    • Paris – Dreux (4 days impacted)
    • Paris – Mantes (4 days impacted)
  • P-line
    • Esbly-Crécy (9 days impacted)
    • Château-Thierry (1 day impacted)
    • Paris – Coulommiers (5 days impacted)
    • Paris – La Ferté Milon (4 days impacted)
    • Paris – Longueville – Provins (7 days impacted)
  • R-line
    • Paris – Montargis (8 impacted days)
    • Paris – Montereau via Héricy (29 days impacted)
    • Paris – Montereau via Moret (7 days impacted)

When to apply?

On condition of justifying a fixed price valid for at least one month of strike, the users concerned will thus be able to apply for reimbursement from July 2023. For the moment, IDFM has not specified the terms of this campaign. More details should arrive in the coming weeks. As with previous compensation operations, “a dedicated platform will be launched in July 2023 to allow the subscribers concerned to submit their request“, specified the Ile-de-France transport authority in its press release.