The memory has plummeted for three consecutive quarters and the three major manufacturers have crazily cut production! Want to increase the price?No way–fast technology–technology changes the future

For memory manufacturers, this is an extremely difficult period of time. For users, this is quite a happy period of time.

Fast Technology News on May 26, according to the latest research data released by TrendForce,In the first quarter of 2023, the total revenue of the global DRAM memory industry is approximately US$9.66 billion, a decrease of 21.2% from the previous quarter, and it has been declining for three consecutive quarters.

None of the three major manufacturers was spared.inSamsung’s revenue was approximately US$4.17 billion (share dropped to 43.2%), a decrease of 24.7% quarter-on-quartershipments and average selling prices both declined, mainly due to the limited stocking orders for new machines of its own brand.

Micron’s revenue was approximately US$2.72 billion (share increased to 28.2%), a decrease of 3.8% from the previous month, but because the financial report statistics cycle was earlier than other manufacturers, it becameThe only one among the three that has positive growth in shipments.

SK hynix’s revenue was about 2.31 billion US dollars (share dropped to 23.9%), a 31.7% drop was the highest among the threeboth shipments and average selling prices fell by more than 15%.

Due to the collective rapid decline in average selling prices, the operating profits of the three major OEMs have turned from positive to negative in the first quarter. However, as DRAM prices continue to decline, it is expected that the operating profits in the second quarter will still be negative.

to this end,The three major factories have all started to reduce production, and the equipment idle rate has increased to 23%, 26%, and 18% respectively.

Among Taiwanese manufacturers, shipments in South Asia have declined for four consecutive quarters, and revenue in the first quarter decreased by 16.7% (share increased to 2.2%). Moreover, the 1Anm process has not yet been mass-produced, and the mainstream is still at 20nm, so the operating profit fell. to -44.9%, but the device idle rate is expected to drop from 30% to 20%.

Winbond’s revenue decreased by 8.8% (share increased to 1.0%), among which orders for notebooks and TVs were fruitful, but demand for cars and networks was weak.

PSMC’s revenue fell by 12.3% (with a stable share of 0.2%), and it dropped by 22.6% including foundry, mainly due to falling prices and weak demand.

TrendForce pointed out that,The oversupply situation in the DRAM memory industry has not yet improved, and prices continue to fall. Shipments are expected to increase in the second quarter. However, because the price decline is still deep, revenue growth will be very limited.

In the second half of the year, as the original manufacturers gradually reduce production, the decline in DRAM prices is expected to slow down quarter by quarter, but it is still far away from the decline.

The memory has plummeted for three consecutive quarters and the three major manufacturers have crazily cut production! Want to increase the price?no way

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