The Launch of Tails 6.4 Operating System

Formed release of a specialized distribution Tails 6.4 (The Amnesic Incognito Live System), based on the Debian 12 package base, shipped with the GNOME 43 desktop and designed for anonymous access to the network. Anonymous access to Tails is provided by the Tor system. All connections other than traffic through the Tor network are blocked by the packet filter by default. Encryption is used to store user data in the save user data between runs mode. Prepared for loading iso imagecapable of working in Live mode, 1 GB in size.

IN new version provided preservation on a USB drive (in free sectors outside of Tails persistent storage) random seed valuesused when initializing the entropy pool for a pseudorandom number generator at an early stage of loading, at which the available sources of entropy may not be enough to generate high-quality random numbers for cryptographic needs or when it is necessary to get rid of the delay in entropy accumulation (a random number saved before shutdown helps to fill the gap entropy on next boot).


The new version also makes the transition to using an HTTPS address instead of an onion address for accessing the Debian and Tails APT repositories, which makes it possible to increase the reliability of the automatic installation of additional programs selected by the user (Additional Software) when Tails is launched. Problems with unlocking the drive area intended for permanent storage of user data (Persistent Storage) have been resolved. The built-in PDF reader, which was disabled in the last release, has returned to Thunderbird. Updated versions of Tor Browser 13.0.16, Tor and Thunderbird 115.12.0.

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