The latest version of Pale Moon Browser, 33.2.0, has been released.

Published web browser release Pale Moon 33.2.0, which forks from the Firefox codebase to provide better performance, preserve the classic interface, minimize memory consumption, and provide additional customization options. Pale Moon builds are formed for Windows And Linux (x86_64). Project code distributed by licensed under MPLv2 (Mozilla Public License).

Project adheres to classic interface organization, without switching to the Australis and Photon interfaces integrated into Firefox 29 and 57, and providing extensive customization options. The removed components include DRM, Social API, WebRTC, PDF viewer, Crash Reporter, code for collecting statistics, tools for parental controls and people with disabilities. Compared to Firefox, support for extensions using XUL has been returned to the browser, and the ability to use both full-fledged and lightweight themes has been retained.


Basic changes:

  • Implemented the missing capabilities of the HTML element ‹dialog›including tools for displaying modal dialogs and stylizing the background (for example, darkening the rest of the page content when the dialog is active).
  • Added the ability to configure the distortion interval to prevent indirect identification of the system by the rendering features of the Canvas element (hashes from the rendering of the same Canvas content on different systems may differ, which is used for identification).
  • Added support for additional units of measurement of visible area sizes (viewport) – svw, svh, svmin, svmax, lvw, lvh, lvmin, lvmax, dvw, dvh, dvmin, dvmax, vb, vi, svb, svi, lvb, lvi, dvb and dvi.
  • Removed legacy FIPS module and code for storing passwords in DBM files.
  • CSS allows values fit-content without the “-moz” prefix (“-moz-fit-content”).
  • Problems with building using GCC 14 and Clang 16 have been resolved.

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