The Latest on Final Fantasy 9 and 10 Remakes: What Players Are Learning from Insider Tweets

Game news There's good news and bad news: players waiting for Final Fantasy 9 and 10 remakes are hanging on this insider's tweets


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After the release of Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the future of Square Enix's flagship saga is unknown. However, one of the most reliable and reputable insiders in the industry has confirmed a rumor dating back several years, while putting an end to another.


Recently, the Final Fantasy saga has come back to the forefront in force. Between the launch of Final Fantasy XVI in June 2023 and that of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in February 2024, it has been a very long time since two major episodes of the series were released in such a short interval. Unfortunately, the financial results did not live up to Square Enix's expectations in part due to the PS5 exclusivity of these two titles, which pushed the Japanese publisher to change its strategy in the years to come.

Aside from the release of the Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail expansion this summer, the future of the franchise is currently unclear in the eyes of the general public. Fortunately, one of the most reliable sources in the video game industry is stepping in to confirm one of the most credible rumors of recent years, while refuting another.

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A remake of FFIX or FFX?

Today's news comes to us from Midori, one of the most trusted sources in the video game industry which became known for its leaks about Atlus and Persona games such as the remake of Persona 3 or the tactical spin-off of Persona 5. Since then, the latter has regularly published new information that is still unofficial, but which later turned out to be true, which ended up giving it serious stature over the years. Recently, it was Square Enix that she attacked with major revelations. In a series of tweets, Midori tells us that a remake of Final Fantasy IX is indeed in development, but that this is not the case for Final Fantasy.

An open secret for Square Enix

As for Final Fantasy IX, it's far from being a revelation since It's been years since many equally reliable insiders like Jason Schreier or Jeff Grubb confirmed the existence of this project. However, the fact that Midori affirms it in turn makes this rumor more credible than ever and we wonder why Square Enix has still not made it official since time.

Yet, many clues have filtered for years such as the announcement of an FFIX anime of which we have not seen the slightest image or the presence of elements in homage to the game in Dawntrail planned for this summer. Even the franchise's historic producer Yoshinori Kitase said he had a major announcement to make in 2023 that was unrelated to the FFVII remake project. Unfortunately, still no formalization for FFIX Remake and we will have to be patient. According to some sources, this is due to the artistic direction of the project which is very divisive and which would be stuck to that of the anime, but nothing is less certain.

As for the Final Fantasy. Some claimed that the project could be released for the 25th anniversary of the launch of the original game, i.e. in 2026. But after Midori's words, this is not the case and we do not know what Square Enix's plans are for Final Fantasy after this famous remake of FFIX. Hoping that the Japanese publisher finally decides to make it official this year!

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