The Latest Leak on an Upcoming Console that Promises Game-Changing Features

Beyond the Nintendo Switch 2, this time it is the next Xbox console which is entitled to new rumors. These are surprising. Here’s what we know

If the Nintendo Switch 2 is planned (normally) for this year, the next next-gen Xbox console is not planned for a while. However, this does not prevent the future console of the American giant from also being entitled to its share of rumors. As always, you should take all of this with a grain of salt to avoid being disappointed, especially since everything can still change. We know that the world of video games sometimes reserves many surprises.


The next Xbox is the talk of the town

According to recent information from the Xbox Era podcast, Microsoft has made the decision to entrust the design of its future next-generation Xbox console to a different team from the one that was previously in charge. Indeed, the technology giant has reportedly moved this important project to its Surface division, known for its high-performance wearable devices. This new direction raises questions about the release timing of this next console, which could find itself delayed compared to the PS6.

Microsoft’s current console, the Xbox Series X, has not met with the expected success compared to the PS5. With sales below expectations and a downward trend anticipated for the year 2024. Microsoft, which had stopped communicating its console sales figures in 2015, broke its silence on this subject in mid-2023, revealing that the Xbox Series

A clue on the next console?

The idea of ​​a portable or hybrid Xbox console, similar to Nintendo’s Switch, had already been mentioned, with the Surface division being perfectly suited for such a project. Rumors surrounding this Xbox handheld console have been conflicting, however, with some suggesting a less powerful and more affordable device, while others predict identical specs to the next Xbox and a higher price…

As a reminder, Microsoft’s Surface range is a series of fairly high-end computers and portable devices designed to offer an optimized user experience under Windows. Launched in 2012, it marks Microsoft’s entry into the hardware market with its own ecosystem of products. The team therefore has a lot of experience with laptops because the products are 2-in-1 tablets.


As a reminder, according to a video published by RedGamingTech, an influential YouTuber specializing in computer hardware, it seems that Microsoft’s plans regarding the launch of its future Xbox have been modified compared to the details revealed in documents disclosed by the FTC earlier in the year. Its informants indicate that this console would see the light of day in 2026. And would be equipped with a Zen 5 processor, which differs from the specifications initially suggested by the leaked documents, which reported a Zen 6 CPU.