The Latest Film is Guaranteed to Shock and Horrify You!

The new film Alien Romulus is released in theaters this summer and spectators are in for a surprise. A shocking scene is revealed through actress Isabela Merced.

After being slapped with the first Star Wars in 1977, spectators shuddered in front of Ridley Scott’s cult Alien in 1979. It took just one film to make the xenomorph, created by Swiss artist HR Giger, one mythical monsters of the 7th art. Since then, three other directors have acquired the license and a fourth is about to do so. A filmmaker who apparently isn’t afraid to go much further than others before him. It’s already very desirable…


A very gory scene for the new film Alien Romulus

We have known for a few days, Alien Romulus is the official title of the next part of the saga and it will be released on August 16, 2024 in the United States. For France, there is no definitive date yet, but the launch should be fairly close. And there is reason to be very curious since this new film will be directed by Fede Álvarez, the director of the remake of evil Dead. A more serious and even gorier version of Sam Raimi’s masterpiece. He knows gore, and he plans to show it to us once again in the future feature film Alien.

According to Isabela Merced (Dina from The Last of Us series), who will try to survive the xenomorph with her comrades, Alien Romulus includes a truly “disgusting” sequence. To the point where some members of the team gave up on the idea of ​​seeing it entirely.

During the reshoots of Alien Romulus, Fede Álvarez gave me the iPad he uses for video feedback. It has the whole movie on it. I told him I wanted to watch some parts, and he showed them to me. I was holding the tablet and about ten people were around me looking at them as well. And among the sequences, there is a scene in which I am acting, and everyone present turned around. Not a single one of them continued to look at the iPad, the scene was so disgusting. While I was in heaven.

The Hollywood Reporter.

We hear this kind of speech very regularly, but this is perfectly credible. Evil Dead (2013) was already very violent and gory, with some of the most brutal sequences in the saga. In the coming years, Hollywood also has some great plans for the xenomorph’s enemy, Predator.

Isabela Merced in the Spider-Man spin-off Madame Web.