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In early September, Hechuang Automobile released the brand’s first pure electric business MPV V09 and started pre-sales, with a price range of 320,000-460,000 yuan. It is reported that the new car will be officially launched and delivered in mid-October.

The biggest selling point of the new car is the standard 800V high-voltage system and super fast charging solution. The peak fast charging power can reach 380kW, which can charge in 5 minutes and have a range of 200 kilometers.


Almost at the same time, the International Olympic Committee issued a small notice titled “International Olympic Committee 2023 Committee: Reaffirming Gender Equality and Announcing the New International Olympic Committee E-Sports Committee”, which specifically mentioned– Establish a new “Esports Committee.”

The Olympic Committee also specifically mentioned that our e-sports is not the e-sports you think of, but belongs to the category of “virtual sports”. By controlling e-sports equipment, sports content is imitated in the game. In short, it is absolutely incompatible with Honor of Kings, LOL, GFP, DOTA and the like.

However, this time the Hangzhou Asian Games has given a helping hand to “traditional” e-sports.

The purpose of saying so much is to introduce today’s protagonist – Zhu Yihang, the big boss behind Hechuang Automobile, the winner of China’s e-sports industry, the only lucky person in the real estate car manufacturing industry, and the Hesheng Development behind him.

Before talking about the Zhu family and Hopson’s development, let’s take a brief inventory of the six most famous real estate car manufacturers in recent years: Agile Chen Zhuolin, China Fortune Land Development Wang Literature, R&F Li Silian, Evergrande Xu Jiayin, Baoneng Yao Zhenhua and Hopson Created by Zhu Yihang.

The first person to enter the game must be Baoneng Yao Zhenhua, who can be regarded as the founder of real estate and car manufacturing.

At the end of 2017, Lao Yao spent 6.6 billion to acquire Qoros Automobile and promised to invest 10 billion each year in new product research and development in the next five years. He made a plan. By 2022, the Qoros family will have at least 26 models. Of course, the reality is better than nothing. In the past few years, Qoros has actually only had one Husband that can’t crow. Chicken Qoros 7.

But the old Yao people are still stubborn. At the beginning of last year, it tried to make a comeback and launched a new tram brand BAO, which is higher than Qoros.

This time, Lao Yao not only continued the old tradition of saying it but also doing it, he also added an icing on the cake – the new car he promised to launch during Double Eleven last year was nowhere to be found, and he frequently encountered insolvencies such as unpaid wages and debts. little news.

Then, an old comrade who was nearly eighty years old was attacked by several employees and beat him better than Ma Baoguo three years ago. Baoneng had another security incident.

Almost at the same time that Lao Yao entered the game, Wang Wenxue of China Fortune Land Development took a fancy to Hezhong New Energy. Not only did he participate in the Series A financing with 1.25 billion, he also became the legal person and chairman of Hezhong.

If the script really follows Lao Wang’s ideas, he should be able to become the most knowledgeable and harmonious car builder in the real estate industry.


But after Nezha N01 was officially launched at the Guangzhou Auto Show, Hezhong Benzhong gradually realized the truth that the greater the ability, the greater the ability. In November 2018, when Nezha Automobile’s 10,000th vehicle rolled off the assembly line , Hezhong Automobile not only introduced multiple investors, but also changed its management. As a direct result, Lao Wang not only lost his titles of chairman and legal person, but his equity was completely diluted to a transparent level.

Five years later, today’s Hezhong is no longer a rabble, and there are even constant rumors that it will be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Lao Wang has no time to feel regretful. After all, the pitfalls in the real estate industry this year are actually much bigger than those in the car industry.

After that, there is Xu Jiayin of Evergrande, who is kneeling down after two laps of the RV with a huge load and a heavy burden.

If it hadn’t been for the “accidental encounter” between him and Jia Yueting in 2018, it is estimated that he would not have firmly integrated himself with car manufacturing, nor would he have spent 45 billion crazily in the next three and a half years to establish the top ten production bases around the world. , acquiring various car-making related companies, and desperately swaying various strategic investors, just to achieve the car-making empire that perfectly fits the 15-word mantra.

Of course, the results are now visible to everyone – only one Hengchi 5 has been produced, and the delivery volume in the past one year since the start of delivery is better than nothing. Not only that, once the huge “South China Tiger” encounters a liquidity crisis, it can turn from a wealthy family to insolvent overnight.

No wonder Xu Jiayin’s rumor of jumping off a building was described with such sincerity and not at all whimsical.

From this point of view, although Sun Hongbin turned around, his brain was still there.

Then came Yajule, who stepped on the thunderous horse.

Starting from the C round of financing in 2018, Agile Chen Zhuolin has also contributed to Weimar twice – in September 2020, the D round of financing totaling 10 billion yuan; and one year later, its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary Juguo Investment , exchanging US$140 million in cash for 4.58% equity.

Of course, Lao Chen had a legitimate reason for doing this. After all, in those years, Weimar at least did not lose to Wei Xiaoli in terms of car building momentum.

Until 2021, WM Motor unilaterally and frantically submitted various listing applications, and began a sustainable and passive slowdown in car manufacturing…

The results can be imagined. In 2022, the listing is far away, but the tight capital chain caused by the epidemic has made Weimar instantly overwhelmed by various buffs – production and sales have dropped sharply, factories have been suspended, stores have been closed, and after-sales has been stagnant. In particular, “Weima has an annual loss of 8.2 billion Shen Hui’s annual salary is 1.2 billion” news.

Shen Hui had to prepare for his own funeral, while Lao Chen quit Weimaraner in January this year.

After five years of waiting, it’s time to finally turn around.

R&F Li Silian’s car-making experience was very short – only 47 days, but it was enough to make Lao Li unforgettable.


In 2019, probably because he wanted to fully understand the new ideas and new playing methods of the old guys, Lao Li also began to try to find a suitable new car-making force and experience a different kind of father’s kindness and son’s filial piety.

So Lao Li took a fancy to Huatai Automobile, and held a warm press conference in July of that year. The two companies signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and R&F would take a stake in Huatai Automobile to build cars.

Unexpectedly, only 47 days later, Lao Li announced at the mid-year results meeting that the cooperation was suspended, and the investment in shares was just a talk.

Fortunately, Lao Li stopped his losses in time. Today, Huatai Motors is in a state of needing a mortgage to buy underpants. Not only does its founder Zhang Genxiu owe 29.4 billion in debt, but he was also arrested and imprisoned for illegally selling land, becoming a rare banned person in the new car industry. Prison expert.

Of course, the current situation of R&F is actually almost the same as that of Evergrande.

So after walking around, the only person who is still fighting for the car-making business is Zhu Mengyi, the eldest son of Hopson Development… Zhu Yihang.

The investment strategies of the three Zhu Yihang siblings and their father Zhu Mengyi cannot be said to be nearly the same, but at least they are completely different.

What Mr. Zhu built is China’s first real estate company with sales exceeding 10 billion. (By the way, Mr. Zhu is a fellow from Meizhou, and he has an old friend named Ye). When Hopson Ventures first exceeded 10 billion, Evergrande’s sales were only 1.4 billion.

The business scope of the three brothers and sisters is all-encompassing, not only the well-known real estate, e-sports, investment and new energy vehicles, but also hidden corners such as insurance, energy, entertainment, electricity, infrastructure, education, medicine and health.

Let’s list a few small projects that make the country rich:

Investments include China Mobile, Xiaomi Group, Ping An, HSBC Holdings, and Sea Holdings;

Life insurance includes Pearl River Life; electric power includes 5 power plants including Shanghai Electric, Yangxi Power Plant and Huizhou Pinghai Power Plant;

Energy includes two large-scale coal mines in Turpan and Fukang, the Qingnengta Coal Mine in Inner Mongolia, and the Caofeidian Terminal that releases 200 million tons of coal annually;

Infrastructure includes the Zhunshuo Railway, Guanghui Expressway, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway and Huizhou Bay Bridge…

No wonder Wang Shi would lament that the old Zhu family were “born Romans” and lamented that “the foundation created by the Zhu family can be called an aircraft carrier in the real estate field.”

No wonder Xu Jiayin once pinned his hopes on the Zhu family, hoping that the latter could spend 20 billion to acquire 51% of the equity of Evergrande Property so that he could survive the winter with dignity.

Therefore, even though Hopson’s revenue last year was HK$27.25 billion, down 11.3% year-on-year, and its real estate contribution value was HK$19.082 billion, down 14.14% year-on-year, the Zhu family still topped last year’s Hurun Rich List with a net worth of 53.5 billion yuan. The richest man in Guangzhou.

Of course, the relationship between the above-mentioned family properties and Zhu Yihang is ordinary.

Currently, there are only 19 companies directly related to him.

The two most famous ones are Zhujiang Investment Management, which owns well-known small companies such as Zhujiang Road and Bridge, Huaxia Electric Power, and China Energy, and Hanjian Holdings, which owns Pearl River Investment Management.


The six companies that really made Zhu Yihang fully devoted and vowed not to give up until he became the chairman were Hanjian Holdings, Yangchuan Electronics, Jingsheng Industrial, Zhongchao Interactive Entertainment, Kejing Technology and Hechuang Automobile.

Han Jian Holdings belongs to the Zhu family’s old business. If you don’t do it, you will forget your ancestors.

There are five other companies. Yangchuan Electronics, Jingsheng Industrial, and Zhongchao Interactive Entertainment are all inseparable from the EDG e-sports club; Kejing Technology and Hechuang Automobile have an inseparable relationship with car manufacturing-the former is actually an automotive technology company under Hechuang .

Judging from the current situation, Hechuang Automobile has the highest registered capital among Zhu Yihang’s affiliated companies, exceeding 5.5 billion yuan, which is higher than Zhujiang Investment’s 4.17 billion yuan.

Not only that, Zhujiang Investment’s 100%-controlled subsidiary Zhutou Intelligence is the largest shareholder of Hechuang, with a shareholding ratio of 68.56%, more than 3.78 billion yuan, more than three times that of the second largest shareholder GAC Aian.

By the way, to a certain extent, Zhu Yihang’s love for cars is not only greater than e-sports, but also earlier than e-sports. Because in 2007, he established a media company called Jaguar Culture (I wonder if the company was later canceled and it was really related to Jaguar).

A quick calculation shows that Mr. Zhu was still twenty years old at that time.

Unfortunately, at that time, regardless of the general environment or his own conditions, Zhu Yihang could only stay in the primary stage of “putting your name on the door of our company”.

It wasn’t until 2021 that the opportunity finally came.

With the withdrawal of Li Bin and others, GAC NIO was in urgent need of a Roman young man who was warm and sincere about car building to help him, so he came to Zhu Yihang.

He rushed into the circle with Zhujiang Investment without hesitation and increased capital frantically.

Don’t doubt Mr. Zhu’s feelings about building cars – compared to the elders Xu Jiayin and Yao Zhenhua, I am even more willing to believe that he is the one who really wants to build cars.

After all, when he took over GAC NIO, the future was bleak to the naked eye.

Even though the Hechuang 007, the first mass-produced car, was launched in early 2020, and even though it stands on the shoulders of GAC and NIO, this car is a typical car that has not left the heart and kidneys – it directly takes the appearance and appearance of the AION LX technology, as well as NIO NOMI’s smart voice assistant as a selling point. As a result, it was successfully hidden among the new cars that year, with only 659 units sold in a year.

After officially converting to the ownership of Lao Zhu’s family, GAC NIO changed its name to Hechuang Automobile, and soon released the pure electric compact SUV Hechuang Z03, and used “EDG championship car, Hechuang Z03” as an important highlight.

This kind of mix and match does mix the effects and results. For the whole year of 2022, led by the Z03, Hechuang’s cumulative sales were 18,240 vehicles.

Although in terms of the entire new energy market in China, Hechuang Automobile’s presence is still extremely thin, with sales accounting for only 0.2% of the entire market. But for Hechuang as a whole, it is nothing more than a reason to continue living.


Currently, Hechuang has three models on sale, namely the medium-sized SUV 007, the compact SUV Z03, the medium-sized sedan A06, plus the business MPV V09 that will be launched next month – basically a healthy situation of 1-2 models a year.

Compared with Xu Jiayin’s 15-word mantra and 15 verbal new cars, it is too dull.

Other data shows that in the first eight months of 2023, Hechuang’s cumulative delivery volume has reached 14,712 vehicles. GAC Group and GAC Aion, which were originally on the verge of retreat, also increased their investment in Hechuang by 107 million and 493 million respectively this year.

Indeed, compared with the e-sports career that has already taken off, the future prospects of Zhu Yihang and Hopson in the field of new energy vehicles cannot be said to be picturesque, or at least difficult to discern.

It looks… a bit like ten years ago.

At that time, the “Electric Shock Team” represented by Yang Yongxin was the absolute main force. What Zhu Yihang can do is not simply stay at the stage of oral gymnastics, but directly establish the EDG e-sports club. Three years later, he also opened a professional e-sports education institution called “Super Sports Education” and participated in the design of relevant teaching materials. .

Then came the eight-year war of resistance that determined the outcome overnight. In November 2021, EDG defeated the Korean LCK team DK 3:2 and won the LOL Global Finals that year.

This kind of selfless and selfless attitude is really like the pleasure of having a son-in-law who eats the master and rises to the top – and also makes the prince’s 1.13 million share bonus instantly become a dispensable urine test sample.

So, is Mr. Zhu ready to work hard for another eight years? Or are you planning to use Hechuang V09 to let the seniors who once built cars together with Real Estate see the light of day again?