The Lancia Delta Integrale that costs more than a Rolls-Royce | The reason is singular

A very special Lancia Delta was put up for sale online. However, the price seems really high, even if we are talking about a very exclusive model.

Everyone has the right to sell their car at the price you prefer, on this there is no rain. But it is very difficult to succeed to sell a car also very rare when the price becomes so high as to be comparable to that of a car higher-end.


This is the case with this particular one Lancia, a definitely iconic and sporty model produced in a limited series but which – according to the AutoScout24 site on which was put up for sale – it’s not exactly brand new and it also costs a rather large amount.

The car it is part of a special lot produced in less than a dozen units, intended for members of an exclusive club linked to the Italian brand and dates back to 1994.

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A Delta for the price of a Bentley

The car in question is one Lancia Delta “Lancia Club”, a special edition dating back to the 90s that was built specifically for the members of the Lancia Club of the time. The car was built in just 8 specimens and maybe precisely this exclusivity makes it so expensive.


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The car covered 45,500 kilometers in her career and was registered in Spain in 1999 where it is still located in the province of Valladolid. The sole owner has chosen to put the car up for sale at well 300.000 Euro, a decidedly exorbitant figure.

If the car had been one of the very rare rally cars still in circulation, perhaps one that has triumphed in numerous competitions during the 90s, a similar price it would be more than justified. But the car he has traveled several kilometers and – as well as it is kept – it is not such an exclusive piece.

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Of course, some collectors may not agree with this evaluation and decide to shell out the required amount for the car: we’ll see how the ad evolves.

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