The Intel Core 12000 series “Alder Lake” will be launched on November 4


In the fall, Intel launches the processor family “Alder Lake”, but when exactly has so far not been known. The only fully confirmed task available is that the release will only take place after Windows 11, whose new scheduler is required to do the processors’ hybrid architecture justice. By all accounts, the launch date is now almost confirmed.

The date was originally disclosed MSI, which stated that from November 4, 2021 to April 30, 2022, they will offer free mounting devices for the water coolers in the MPG Coreliquid K-series. This was intercepted by the famous leak Videocardz which through its own sources confirmed that both tests of media and sales are underway the 4th of november.

Further indicates Usman Pirzada, writer at Wccftech, that the Intel Innovation event is taking place on October 27th. Alder Lake is on the agenda and in direct connection with this, Intel is opening up for pre-orders of the processor family, which will be included in a new Core 12000 series. Most likely, the first motherboards with the control circuit Z690 and socket LGA 1700 can also be ordered, but also the first DDR5 memories.

November 4 is two weeks earlier than November 19, as previous information has claimed. However, it should be mentioned here that Intel has more than once moved the date of launch both back and forth. It should therefore not be ruled out that this will be the case once again.

Specifications: – Intel “Alder Lake” Core 12000 Series

Architecture (cores / threads)

Turbo (1-2 cores)

Turbo (all cores)


Core i9-12900K(F)

Alder Lake (8/16 st.)
Gracemont (8 st.)

5,3 GHz
3,9 GHz

5,0 GHz
3,7 GHz

125 W

Core i7-12700K(F)

Alder Lake (8/16 st.)
Gracemont (4 st.)

5,0 GHz
3,8 GHz

4,7 GHz
3,6 GHz

125 W

Core i5-12600K(F)

Alder Lake (6/12 st.)
Gracemont (4 st.)

4,9 GHz
3,6 GHz

4,5 GHz
3,4 GHz

125 W

First out in the Core 12000 series will be the overclock-friendly models Core i9-12900K, i7-12700K and i5-12600K with integrated Xe graphics. These are accompanied by a corresponding trio with the suffix KF at the end, which indicates a deactivated graphic part. The latter usually results in a slightly lower price tag, usually around SEK 200-300.

With Alder Lake, Intel is taking the step for the first time in six years to a more advanced manufacturing technology, which was previously called 10 nanometers but is now called Intel 7 (nanometers). This is flanked by two new architectures – Golden Cove with a focus on maximum performance and Gracemont with a focus on energy efficiency and multi-wire performance – PCI Express 5.0 and support for the DDR5 memory standard.

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