The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy is coming

THE Nintendo Direct this afternoon presented us with a game that seemed strangely familiar. “Is this a new Danganronpa?” : almost ! Indeed, The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy is developed by Too Kyo Games (World End's ClubMaster Detective Archives: Rain Code), studio created by alumni of Danganronpanotably the screenwriter Kazutaka Kodakathe composer Masafumi Takada or the illustrator Rui Komatsuzaki. They will be joined for this new project by Kotaro Uchikoshi (AI: The Somnium Files), also in the writing, for a result which will invoke quite a bit the usual themes of its creators. Judge for yourself with the synopsis:

Takumi Sumino is a completely ordinary teenager who lives in the Tokyo housing complex, a place where every day is like the last and nothing bad ever happens. Everything changes when strange monsters attack the city and start wreaking havoc. A strange creature calling itself Sirei appears and offers Takumi the power to protect those he cares about… All he has to do is stab himself in the chest!

The next moment, Takumi finds himself at the Last Defense Academy, a school located in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by an otherworldly wall of flame. He and 14 other students were drafted into the Special Defense Unit, a team tasked with keeping the school safe for the next 100 days. How far are they willing to sacrifice themselves to return to normal life and save the world from the school's grotesque invaders?

Tortured teenagers and a Machiavellian countdown will once again be there, but in a game this time focused on strategy! When the invaders attack, you will have to directly defend your school against waves of enemies in a gameplay style tower defense which will ask you to use your characters' abilities wisely. Between each encounter, you can spend time with your friends and allies to bond with them, or explore the school's surroundings of wilderness and ruins.


If The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy is quite cryptic at the moment, it looks attractive and we look forward to learning more before its release, scheduled for early 2025.

The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy trailer

Some images from the game

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