The Highly Acclaimed PS5 Game Makes its Debut on PC in its Ultimate Version

Game news One of the best video games on the PS5 finally arrives on PC in its most absolute version…


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After Horizon Forbidden West, it's the turn of Ghost of Tsushima to have its port on PC! Produced by the Nixxes Software studio, the game is released in its best version: the Director's Cut. This brings various improvements and features and we tell you about them in our JV Fast.


Four years ago, Ghost of Tsushima was released on PS4 and was very well received by critics and players, with a score of 83 on Metacritic. This was greatly anticipated by PC players who can finally get their hands on it in its most ultimate version. PlayStation assigned this task to the Nixxes Software studio, bought by Sony a few years ago and specialized in porting games to PC. The studio had achieved a feat by qualitatively adapting several games from the Japanese firm. Today we are treated to a magnificent version of the game bringing many features and improvements to the title. It’s happening now in our JV Fast.

Here are some improvements you want

It was on the PS4 that the game was released for the first time in June 2020. At the end of its life, the console struggled to provide a stable gaming experience, framerate drops and long loading times were reported by users. players upon its release. Rich in its narrative and innovative gameplay, the game had a lot to offer and was able to express its potential on the PS5 with a first release of the Director's Cut in 2021. In particular thanks to an unlocked frame rate allowing it to exceed 60 frames per second.

However, it is indeed in the Director's Cut version on PC that Ghost of Tsushima manages to be exploited to its full potential. This offers gaming comfort never seen before for this title, particularly for the versions available on computers. It benefits from the latest technologies from component manufacturers such as AMD's FSR 3, NVIDIA's DLSS 3 or Intel's XeSS. These features make it possible to improve the fluidity of the game through image scaling techniques while avoiding reducing visual quality. In other words, this Director's Cut allows you to enjoy the game in the best possible conditions if your configuration allows it!

What additions for the Director's Cut

While improving the quality of the light effects and the general atmosphere of the game. This final version includes all the additional content that the title can offer. This therefore includes the base game, its DLC entitled Ghost of Tsushima – Iki Island and an online game mode called Legends. All of these additions extend the lifespan of the game to a total of around 30 hours in total. This Director's Cut was still at the center of a controversy due to the obligation to link a PSN account to Steam to be able to take advantage of the online game mode. This PC port is on the rise and if you want to know the details of the Director's Cut of Ghost of Tsushima, go to our Fast JV available at the top of the page!

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