“The French don’t love themselves” Ridley Scott ready to do anything to defend his latest film!

Culture news “The French don’t love themselves” Ridley Scott ready to do anything to defend his latest film!


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It’s tomorrow that Ridley Scott’s latest film will see the light of day, and the least we can say is that he defends his film.


Ridley Scott is undoubtedly one of the legendary directors, notably with James Cameron or more recently Christopher Nolan. With works like Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma and Louise, Gladiator and Alone on Mars, this American-British director has impressed spectators throughout his career. At 85 years old, it must be said that he is not ready to retire! Very prolific, he recently released The Last Duel with Adam Driver (Star Wars) and Matt Damon (Will Hunting, Saving Private Ryan) and House of Gucci notably with the singer Lady Gaga and Jared Leto (Requiem for a Dream).

Tomorrow is the day when the film Napoleon will be released in cinemas. It will thus be possible to view the life of this French historical character, played by Joaquin Phoenix (Gladiator, Joker). Between his relationship with Joséphine de Beauharnais (Vanessa Kirby) and his battles, spectators will be able to watch 158 minutes of a story that fascinates Ridley Scott. His passion for history and in particular for this figure of France is felt in the length of his director’s cut… which lasts 4 hours!

In short, tomorrow a film is released that is at least promising if we trust the trailers. However, it was under a shower of criticism that this feature film saw the light of day. Many have expressed their displeasure with the historical inaccuracies of this work, and Ridley Scott has not hesitated to speak out on the subject. Recently, the director spoke about the French.


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Ridley Scott talks about the French

During a screening before the worldwide release of his latest film called Napoleon, Ridley Scott spoke about the criticism of the French who would have received it in a better way:

The French don’t even like themselves. The audience I showed the film to in Paris, they loved it.

An argument to ward off critics from around the world who are annoyed by the differences with what really happened in Napoleon’s life. Except that Ridley Scott never wanted to create a work that takes up the facts in a realistic way. Very clear in his ideas, he had already reacted to the video of a famous historian with the phrase: “But buy yourself a life!”. In other words, iWe must not forget that the objective of his latest film is above all to be entertaining by honoring an impressive historical figure.

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