the fourteenth free game has leaked, it’s excellent!

The first free Epic Games Store game of the year has once again been revealed in advance and it's a title that will force you to rack your brains. Here's what your gift of the day will be.

Only four free games left before the end of the Epic Games Store Advent Calendar. Like every year, the Fortnite dads' shop has transformed into Santa Claus 3.0, offering 17 free games, at least one per day. The event was more qualitative than the previous edition, despite a few small hiccups, including a Saints Row that we would almost hesitate to put in our library even though it is completely free. No hesitation about the free game currently, a real masterclass in die & retry. We already know the identity of his successor who will be available this late afternoon.


The fourteenth free Epic Games Store game has leaked

Free games every day are almost over. For a few more days, the store is offering a nice daily gift. On this first day of 2024, you can still collect the thirteenth title offered during this daily event. So there are only four days left to fill your library with productions that you will probably never launch. The name of the first free Epic Games Store game of 2024 has been released in advance and it is perfect for sessions with friends or alone. From 1er as of January 2, 2024Escape Academy will therefore be available without spending a single cent.

An excellent puzzle game which seeks to translate the principles of the escape game into a scripted adventure. Players join the ranks of a prestigious school training future masters of the art of escape. They will be put to the test in a dozen rooms where they will have to solve a series of puzzles in a limited time in the hope of ranking among the best Escapers. A free Epic Games Store game that is fairly economical for your configuration and playable both solo and multiplayer, locally or online, with a friend. Not a bad way to start the year, right? In any case, it hit the mark with critics and players, the title accumulating thousands of excellent ratings on competing platforms.

The fifteenth free game also known

Escape Academy will be available for free this afternoon. We remind you once again that you have until 5 p.m. to add the awesome Ghostrunner to your library. For several days now, a list from an unidentified Chinese leaker has been circulating on the Web and so far it has hit the mark. If we rely on it, then the fifteenth free Epic Games Store game of the event would be 20 Minutes Till Dawn, a very good bullet hell with rogueite components where you must defeat a growing horde of Lovecraftian monsters to survive the night. You can find the entire list of 17 free games offered during the event in our constantly updated summary article.