The former star of the show “Love Island” was the victim of surveillance using AirTag

Montana Brown, a former participant in the American reality show Love Island, spoke about how someone tracked her using AirTag, Apple’s device for finding lost things. She urged people in such situations to contact the police.

Brown was flying from Los Angeles to London when she received a notification on her iPhone that AirTag was tracking her location. She found the device in her bag in the airport restroom and threw it down the toilet.

Brown said she did not attach much importance to this at that time.

“I only realized how creepy this is when I got home and told a few friends about it… And they said you have to make a big fuss out of it because it can happen to anyone.” told

in an interview with BBC Newsbeat Montana.

Brown posted her experience on social media and realized the severity of the problem with AirTag and surveillance after receiving “a huge amount of comments.” She realized that it had become commonplace.

“And it’s obviously a method that people use to spy on others, and maybe women, who travel alone,” Brown added.

The girl did not contact the police after finding the AirTag and regretted it. She had no idea then that this was one of the possible scenarios.

“Because in these situations, none of us know what to do. If you see an accident, you know to call 112,” she explained.

Apple encourages people to immediately contact local law enforcement if they find an AirTag that does not belong to them in their belongings. Starting with iOS 14.5 or later, the Find My app sends a notification when it detects someone else’s AirTag nearby.

If people find him while traveling, then they should not go home so that the stalker does not find out where they live. Instead, it must either be handed over to the police by filing a statement, or turned off.

To remove the battery, press down on the AirTag battery cover and turn it counterclockwise until it stops. Then remove the cover and remove the battery.

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