The film “We Have a Ghost!” We tell you how the mystical comedy turned out with David Harbor and Anthony Mackie

At the end of February, Netflix premiered the fantasy film We Have a Ghost! directed by Happy Death Day director Christopher Landon. The author again took up the rethinking of the classic works of cinema, and this time he got to stories about haunted houses, removing the tape in the spirit of Casper. How successful the novelty was, we will tell below.


Frank and Melanie Presley, along with their sons Kevin and Fulton, arrive at a new house and soon discover that a real ghost lives in the attic. However, the children are not afraid of a ghost named Ernest. Kevin films him, and Frank publishes a video of his youngest son on the Internet, trying to become famous.

Kevin soon befriends Ernest and decides to help the ghost solve the mystery of his death. The problem is that Ernest does not remember the past and is speechless, probably due to the emotional trauma he received before his death. At the same time, the ghost becomes famous on the net, and CIA agents begin to hunt for him, who want to use Ernest for their own purposes.


The film “We have a ghost!” tells a kind and funny story, ending with a touching denouement. Viewers are imbued with the relationship of Kevin and Ernest from the first frames. The characters laugh at the stern Frank, drive a car, show obscene gestures to the police, and at some point Ernest prepares Kevin for a date.

The action adds to their adventure with an absurdly funny ghost that walks through walls and darts between cars during the chase. A neighbor and school friend of Kevin named Joy Yoshino harmoniously fit into the company of friends, who is much for daring deeds.


Among the characters, Ernest stands out the most, despite the fact that he hardly speaks in the film. With facial expressions alone, David Harbor manages to cheer up and make the viewer cry. The actor’s ghost came out touchingly awkward, perky and surprisingly kind. Harbor plays lively and sincerely.

However, Kevin is not lost in the shadow of the irresistible Ernest. A boy with a pure heart captivates the audience with his zeal to help people, even if they are now ghosts. Kevin’s story becomes more convincing against the backdrop of the character’s storyline with his father, the self-serving Frank, who at first only thought about how to get rich at the expense of Ernest. However, Kevin helped Frank become a man, and Ernest influenced the son and father to get closer.


Full immersion in the history of the film “We Have a Ghost!” interferes with the glut of references to pop culture. The authors mention Beetlejuice and a secret CIA program called “Casper” – it’s fun, but it pulls the viewer out of the world of the picture.

But social networks fit in as well as possible, making the film more dynamic and funny. Melanie’s screaming face memes and Ernest’s fan TikTok videos are kinda goofy and underline the absurdity of the fact that a ghost has become an Internet star.

The plot of the film is banal and many plot twists are easy to predict. However, this does not prevent you from enjoying the spectacle and wondering how the action of a cheerful and full of intriguing secrets of a comedy about family and friendship unfolds.


The authors came up with a simple, cozy and charming comedy that is ideal for watching with the whole family. The film raises a topic that is relevant for any family, demonstrating how important it is to be honest with each other and at the same time not be afraid to learn from children, because sometimes they see the world deeper than their parents.

At the same time, the picture is not overloaded with moralizing, which makes viewing it a casual entertainment. “We have a ghost!” will not become a revolution in the world of cinema and will not stun the viewer with mind-blowing plot twists, but it will help to relax and let you laugh a lot.

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