The Fallout 4 Experience: Accessing and Collecting Loot from University Point

News tip University Point Fallout 4: How to access it and what loot to collect?


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In Fallout 4, you will have many places to explore and among these, we find University Point. In this article, we give you the location of this place, the related quests, as well as the rewards that you will be able to find there.


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  • How to get to University Point in Fallout 4
  • Interesting loots from University Point
  • Are there any associated quests?

The first step in this article will obviously be to go to University Point on Fallout 4. To do this, you will have to head towards the southeast part of the map where there are several schools like South Boston High School. If we mention the latter, it's because University Point is not far away.

Continue following the coast towards the south and you will soon come across it. To help you locate this place more easily, we have indicated it for you on the map above. Once there, you will come across the ruins of a small university campus.

Basically, it doesn't necessarily make you want to go there, but we still recommend the detour. In fact, you will be able to find a lot of loot on site, including items that you don't want to miss, believe us!

Interesting loots from University Point

Loots, let's focus on these. The first item you're going to want to get is a Tesla Science magazine. The latter is located on the first floor of the building, on a very small desk as you can see below.

The other element that is really worth the detour is quite simply a unique weapon, the UP 77. The particularity of the latter, it's quite simply that she has ammunition that will be unlimited. Useful if you are a little short on this level.

University Point Fallout 4: How to access it and what loot to collect?

To obtain it, go to the ground floor and more precisely to the terminal to open an underground passage. There you will find a new terminal, this time opening access to the vault. If these first two terminals are novice level, things will get tough.

Indeed, you will find in the chests, two padlocks requiring a master level to be opened. Once that's done, you'll discover a button that you need to activate to reveal a secret passage in the wall. By taking it, you will come across UP 77.

University Point Fallout 4: How to access it and what loot to collect?

Are there any associated quests?

Finally, to conclude, let's talk about the different quests that we will find at University Point in Fallout 4. Let's start by telling you that there will be no quest per se that will ask you to explore the location to accomplish an objective.

However, it is possible to find repeatable faction quests that require you to go there. The locations of these quests are random and there is a chance that they will fall on University Point, although if you have figured it out, it is not guaranteed.

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