The ex-mayor of Gard tried for rape: “File a complaint? No one will believe me, I’m just a little employee”

Luc Boisson, 74, who was mayor of Saint-Maximin for twenty years, has been on trial since Wednesday November 23, 2022 before the Gard Assize Court for raping a municipal employee in 2014. The former elected official, who appears free, categorically denies the facts. He faces 20 years in prison.

“Making a complaint? He’s the mayor, and I’m just a little employee. No one’s going to believe me.” In a few words, Marlène, municipal agent in Saint-Maximin, a village of 700 inhabitants, sums up before the Gard Assize Court the pangs that gnawed at her for months. “I was afraid of losing my job, I was afraid of him.”

The day after the wishes of the mayor

He, Luc Boisson, 74 years old today, in his third mandate at the material time, and who, she claims, raped her on a Saturday morning, in January 2014, in the toilets of the rural home where she had come to clean up, because she hadn’t had time the night before: it was the mayor’s vows ceremony.

A culmination, after months of harassment. Marlene was already a fragile woman, with a violent husband, whom she had decided to leave. At the town hall, she had just been established: she ran the post office, served in the canteen, and did the housework.

Total confidence in his employer

“I had complete confidence in my employer, whom I had asked to help me find accommodation, because I could no longer live with my husband. I don’t know if that was the trigger.”

Hands on buttocks, stolen kisses. “I did everything to avoid it.” Until this morning when he arrives behind her, by surprise, announces the color: “I will take you”and turns it against the sink. “I’m really angry with myself, I didn’t react, I could have slapped him. I waited for him to do his thing and he left saying, if you tell someone, you’ll lose your job.”

An earthquake in the village

His complaint, nearly two years later, followed by the police custody of the elected official, triggers an earthquake in the village. Why this delay? “A whole host of factors can lead a victim not to file a complaint. Feelings of fear and shame can completely lock down self-esteem” explains expert psychologist Adeline Paoli.

“In this matter there are as many defense mechanisms as there are victims, and the absence of reaction is also a defense mechanism” notes for her part the gendarme who heard Marlène, “a very marked woman. I have no reason to doubt her word.”

A crying woman on the stand

Before Marlène, the court hears another woman in distress, who collapses at the bar in tears. Gladys was a municipal councilor in Saint-Maximin. She also describes a very pressing mayor, with whom she finally agreed to sleep. “I gave in once to make it stop, I said to myself, then he will leave me alone. He didn’t. He was trying to kiss me in his office, with the secretaries behind, I’m sure they knew it but they didn’t say anything, it was the mayor.”

Gladys left the village, Marlène still works at the town hall. ” TO the canteen, they make me miserable, they talk to me behind my back, I’m the bad guy.” Luc Boisson, who faces 20 years, brags at the helm: “JI think I had a more than decent career, 38 years at university, 25 years in town hall, and no one ever had anything to reproach me for”. Verdict this Friday.

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