“The Dutch did what they wanted.” The legend does not bite into the language after the defeat of the Poles Polish national team

Thursday’s defeat of Czesław Michniewicz’s team with the Netherlands 0: 2 means that there are many opinions and comments after this match. There were not very positive pins on Twitter, like Dominik Wardzichowski from Sport.pl. “Lesson, but also severe verification of the players” – we read hot. And also comments that tone down pessimism, such as the words of Bogdan Zając, assistant in Adam Nawałka’s team, who pointed out that “the Netherlands did not drown us”.

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“Michniewicz may have a headache”. Summer sees the problems of the Polish national team and raises questions

Grzegorz Lato joins the first group that does not see much positives. – This match makes the coach think what to change. The trainer Czesław Michniewicz may have a headache and ask: what next? – he comments a legend of Polish football for WP SportoweFakty. And he points out that we have to wait for the match with Wales, but Thursday’s match certainly does not inspire optimism.

– It turns out that, unfortunately, despite the fact that we have good players, including those who play in the Champions League, it somehow does not go hand in hand with the results of the representation – says the former president of the Polish Football Association. He concludes that Poland did not create a situation for itself, and “the Dutch did what they wanted”.

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Grzegorz Lato defended Arkadiusz Milik, who wasted a great situation with the Dutch after Przemysław Frankowski’s cross. The former striker says straightforwardly: “Arkadiusz Milik often has a lot of situations and does not score goals, and then he scores two or three goals out of nothing.” It remains to be hoped that the Juventus forward will do something against Wales, with which the Polish national team will play on Sunday, September 25 at 20:45. This will be the last meeting of Czesław Michniewicz’s team in this year’s edition of the League of Nations.

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