The domain is for sale!

On the internet, it is undoubtedly the most famous and also the most sulphurous domain name! And that’s good, it’s on sale but be careful, you’ll have to have the means: we’re obviously talking about, which is on sale again.

Who will take over ? The domain name was put up for auction, thirteen years after its acquisition at the record price of 13 million dollars in 2010. Since then, several web addresses in .com have exceeded this score, holding the trophy with $30 million in 2019. Last year it was which started at 15 million (it is possible that the value of this ndd has dropped a lot since then!).

From $20 million

The current owners of intend to make their precious asset profitable. Thus, the minimum bid is simply set at 20 million dollars, and you must immediately pay half of this sum… The auction continues until January 31st. In addition to the domain name, future buyers inherit a website, the user file (40,000 register there every month!), social media accounts and source code. They will also have access to current advertisers on the site.

The site hosted by the domain name claims around 1 million unique visitors per day, every month 20 million visitors arrive by typing the URL directly into a browser, and 20 million come from a search engine. It obviously offers pornographic content presented in a form reminiscent of TikTok. The site has set up a compensation system for creators who can sell subscriptions to visitors.

Once in possession of the ndd and the platform, buyers will receive an additional 20% on each subscription sold through the site. A good deal ? That remains to be seen!