The Box Office Hit of 2024: Watch the First 10 Minutes for Free on Online Platforms

Culture news This blocukbuster tyrannizes the box office in 2024: the first 10 minutes are free on YouTube


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While this monster movie is one of the biggest of 2024, it has just arrived digitally in the United States. To celebrate this second release, his studio has published the start of the feature film. Enough to immerse yourself for ten minutes in one of the blockbusters of the beginning of the year.


In the 2010s, Warner Bros decides to create a connected universe highlighting two sacred monsters of cinema. First of all, it is Godzilla who takes the spotlight with the film of the same name released in 2014, before King Kong is entitled to the same treatment with Skull Island in 2017.

These two feature films aimed to take the temperature before seeing the two creatures clash in an epic fight in a film with a simple and effective title, Godzilla vs Kong. With more than $460 million in box office revenue, it was without too many surprises that a sequel was started and it was released this year! You can even see part of it directly on YouTube.

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The first 10 minutes of a 2024 blockbuster!

Released on April 3 with us, Godzilla x Kong: The New Kingdom is therefore the direct sequel Godzilla vs Kong sees the two old enemies allying up again to fight against a new antagonist who has taken power in the world of the titans and who threatens its natural balance. In their quest, the giant lizard will be able to count on a new “form” which makes it pink in places, while King Kong will be able to use new weapons such as a glove and a sort of ax. Completely improbable information, but which gives rise to impressive fights.

While the feature film was released barely a month and a half ago, it is available on certain legal streaming platforms in the United States. To make people want to subscribe to see the film, Warner Bros published the first ten minutes of Godzilla x Kong: The New Kingdom on its YouTube channel by presenting it as an “extended preview”. A good opportunity to get a first glimpse before taking the plunge.

Godzilla x Kong 2, one of the hits of 2024

We may not have heard that much about it, but Godzilla x Kong: The New Kingdom is still one of the biggest hits of the start of 2024. With more than $550 million generated, it is the second biggest success of last year's Dune Part II and its $710 million, but ahead of Kung Fu Panda 4 ($529.3 million), Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire ($198.5 million) and Bob Marley: One Love ($177.1 million). It remains to be seen whether it will be dethroned by other blockbusters of the year like Deadpool and Wolverine.

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