The Best Setup, Attachments, and Stats for SVA 545 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The SVA 545 is one of the assault rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Below we will tell you which attachments are the best and which setups you should use.

The standard values ​​of SVA 545

Important: Before we start with the values, you need to know that the data is for an SVA 545 without attachments. So these are the default values ​​of the weapon, damage and rate of fire


The SVA 545 distributes as follows Damage points:

Base damage: 29-25-24-22, depending on the distance.Torso and arm damage: 31-27-26-24depending on the distance. On average you need 5 to 7 hits for a kill.A Headshot caused 40-35-33-30. Hits in the head are therefore almost useless. The firing rate within the first two volleys is 1200 RPM (“Rounds Per Minute”) and then 682 RPM. The Standard TTK (“time to kill”) is therefore included 262ms-350ms-438ms. If it is assumed that the first two volleys hit. If you reach 262ms, the value is better than all other assault rifles (MCW, DG-58, Holger 556). However, if you don’t hit the first two volleys, the TTK is pretty bad. Additional info: If you use the SVA 545 in semi-auto mode, the TTK is 370ms-480ms-530ms. Distance and projectile speedUp to around 31 meters the SVA reaches 545 maximum damage, Here you need 5 volleys for a kill. Between 32 and around 51 meters you need 6 hits for a kill. From 52 meters you need 7 volleys. The projectile speed is 760 M/S, which is the best value of all assault rifles. Recoil control, reload time & aiming speed

The recoil pulls up and swings to the left. But there are only very small horizontal jumps between volleys. However, the first 2 to 3 volleys jump back and forth. However, since the first two bullets are extremely important, you definitely need attachments that improve the initial recoil.

The Reload time the weapon is included 1.7 seconds. Important: Please note, however, that this is the “ADD time”. What does ADD time mean? The reloading of the ammunition has already been completed, but the reloading animation can continue. As soon as your ammunition has been added to the bottom right of the screen, the ADD time when reloading is over.


The ZV target speed lies by 250ms, which is almost the same as the assault rifle average (242ms).

Essay strategy & setup tips

Precision setup with a good balanceMouth: T51R breech muzzle brake Barrel: –Laser: SZ 1MW PEQVisor: MK. 3 reflectorShaft: Mane V6 shaftLower reaches: Heavy Bruen Support GripAmmunition: -Magazine: -Grip: –

The ZV target speed is 275ms. The recoil can be more precise, but that would create too many disadvantages. Nevertheless, the SVA 545 is now more precise than before.

Stealth SetupMuzzle:-Run: NT Quietus Silencer Barrel Laser: –Visor: MK. 3 reflectorShaft: Skeleton folding stockLower reaches: XRK Edge-BW-4-HandstopAmmunition: -Magazine: –Handle: Citadel handle

The ZV target speed is 199ms. Recoil is more precise than before, but range is 20% less than default. That’s why you have to see it more as a submachine gun and use an aggressive play style. In addition, you do not appear on the mini-map when you fire the weapon.

If you would like to get a deeper insight into the weapon, you should watch the video by YouTuber and CoD expert TheXclusiveAce: