The Best Locations to Find Hades Marble 2 and the Most Effective Harvesting Techniques

News tip Hades Marble 2: Where to find this resource and how to harvest it?


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In Hades 2, you will need to collect a number of different resources to unlock new items. Among them, we find Marble which could well cause you some problems. We will explain everything to you.


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  • What is Marble used for in Hades 2?
  • Where to find Marble in Hades 2?

What is Marble used for in Hades 2?

If you want to be able to reach the heart of the Underworld in Hades II, you'll have to do a little more than just fight hordes of enemies in a loop and hope to get further than last time. To help you become better with each run, you will above all need to collect as many different resources as possible and use them to improve your equipment and perform incantations. Among the resources that you will be asked for fairly quickly in the game, you will find Marble in particular.

Indeed, if you want to take advantage of everything that Hades II has to offer, you will have no other choice than to collect a certain number of Marble. For example, you will need it to be able to do three different incantations all very useful:

  • Golden Fountain (3 Dark Mold + 3 Marble): Reveal a chamber in the depths of Tartarus in which you can restore some health
  • Favors of Gaia (2 Marble + 4 Bronze + 4 Iron): Reveal various improvements for your Harvesting Tools in the Silver Pool
  • Invocation of Historical Works (3 Marble + 1 Zodiac Sand): Persuade the Historian to appear at the Crossroads; find detailed reports from her on each of your journeys

In addition to these incantations, you can also use your Marble to improve certain Tarot Cards as well as Night Weapon Skins. In other words, you will need a lot of Marble to unlock everything in the game.

Where to find Marble in Hades 2?

Unlike bronze and iron which can only be found on the Surface, Marble is one of the resources available from the first part of the game. However, it will not necessarily be easy to find since it awaits you in the very dangerous last floor of the Underworld: the Tartar. Here you will easily spot the Marble deposits since they will take the form of busts of this material with the image of Cronos.

Note that if you want to make sure you find as many as possible, we advise you to equip yourself with the Lunar Pickaxe to increase the spawn rate of deposits. In addition, know that you can put all the chances on your side by making sure to never take the route numbered with a Roman numeral. By doing so, you will in fact increase the number of rooms to go through before reaching Cronos, and therefore your chances of coming across a Marble deposit. Of course, this also means that you will have to face more opponents.

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