The best cards and players for Power DD FS evolutions on EA Sports FC 24

Here we list the best cards to use for the evolution system, on Puissance DD FS of EA Sports FC 24. This free evolution is linked to the Future Stars promo, with a big boost at all levels for a DD, notably with the addition of the Sliding Tackle+ play style. As a reminder, the evolution system is one of the main new features of EA FC 24, giving you the possibility of evolving cards while respecting certain criteria. Position, overall rating and stats, the criteria are sometimes quite restrictive. We therefore list the best cards and players for the Power DD FS option on EA FC 24.

Update : As of Monday, February 12.


The best cards for Power DD FS

As a reminder, you must be able to respect specific criteria in order to be able to use developments on a card. We have therefore listed players to the release of EA FC 24.

Opinion on the evolution Power DD FS

Power DD FS is free evolution
allowing you to significantly improve a DD into a slightly more Meta option. The stat limits being quite significant, particularly in speed, it will not be possible to improve a card into a solid option without considering a cumulative evolution.

Morality we are sure an evolution pretty average, which really won't be very interesting for an already very solid team. Rather do it for the pleasure of boosting one of your favorite players!

Criteria for choosing a card:


  • Overall rating: 85 max
  • Position: DD (even secondary)
  • Position: not DC
  • Speed: 87 max
  • Physical: 90 max
  • Playstyles+: 0

Boosts provided by developments:

  • Overall rating: +4
  • Speed: +3
  • Passes: +4
  • Dribbling: +3
  • Physics: +6
  • Defense: +3
  • Playing style: Slide tackle+

The best cards for Power DD FS

Here, the choice is quite limited due to the limits on evo, making it possible to improve quite a few fairly interesting cards, including evolutions. We therefore tend to go for a complete player, with good playing styles and links to other Meta cards.

Thus, we consider the following cards to be the best for using these evolutions. These are listed in order from best to worst.taking only the final result of the card into account:

Our advices

Since evolution is free, we mainly recommend that you choose a player who can fit into your team without making a change or take a card that could serve as a super-replacement.

Alex Scott FUT Hero is a great evolution to make if you have this card in a non-tradable version. The Brit will be fast, agile and with enough physics stats to use Shadow. Better still, his playing styles are all Meta, including Anticipation, Tireless and Skilled Passing. In short, a very good, rather offensive DD card at this stage of the game.

If we already quite like De Marcos' TOTW 87 card (see our ranking of the best defenders on EA FC 24), version 85 benefits from a good upgrade making it a Meta option at this stage of the game. Relatively fast , he has great physical stats, allowing him to use Shadow rather than Pillar, which will make him a very lively option on the wing (Fast in play style). In addition, the passing game will be good, with the Passing style worked.

In a totally different style, Aursnes TOTW 84 is once again a super versatile card, playable in MC (it has the secondary position), which should please you. Although a little unusual, this card offers many play styles, including Anticipation, Interception and Tireless, enough to make it an excellent box to box.

For more information on the EA Sports FC 24 Evolutions system, you can consult our dedicated guide.