the announcement that all fans have been waiting for

After long months of waiting, fans can finally get a first glimpse of season 4 of The Boys. Will the series go even further? It’s off to a good start.

In just a few years, The Boys has become the real goose that lays Prime Video’s golden eggs. The platform’s flagship program continues to amaze, make people laugh and shock, while outperforming season after season. The success is such that the e-commerce giant is already preparing a new spin-off, already the third after Gen V and its young students and the anime Diabolical. But before leaving for Mexico, subscribers will finally be able to find Butcher, Hughie, Starlight, Homelander and the whole gang with season 4 of The Boys, which was revealed to the day with a first trailer.


First teaser for season 4 of The Boys

It was delayed because of the Hollywood strike, it will finally arrive next year. Season 4 of The Boys has just been announced for 2024 during CCXP in Brazil, still without a specific date. Prime Video did not come empty-handed to the event, since after a trailer for its Fallout series, it also revealed a first glimpse of the continuation of the adventures of Butcher and Homelander. As showrunner Eric Kripker explained, these new episodes will immediately follow the final events of the spin-off Gen V.

Butcher therefore knows about the unexpected “weapon” which could cause the end of superheroes when the Protector is judged for having ripped off the head of a demonstrator. And if you haven’t watched the other series yet, it’s highly recommended. The events of season 4 of The Boys will indeed lead directly to season 2 of Gen V. This season 4 of The Boys will also mark the arrival of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka Negan in the series The Walking Dead, who will be in the Butcher camp. Two new heroines will join the ranks of the Seven, Firecracker (Valorie Curry known to players thanks to Detroit Become Human) and Sister Sage (Susan Heyward).

An even gorier season?

This first trailer for The Boys provides a brief overview of the issues that continue from the previous season. The last image shows us a completely bloodied Protector, proving once again that the series will not pull any punches. For their part, the thinking heads of the series have promised ever more shocking scenes. Recently the special effects supervisor announced something terrifying for season 4, adding that his “eyes can’t unsee what he just saw.” Previous episodes had already set the bar particularly high in terms of violence, blood and completely unexpected moments.