The AlmaLinux Project Creates ALESCo Committee to Address Technical Matters

The AlmaLinux project, developing a distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, trying to take the place of the classic CentOS, announced on the formation of an engineering management committee
ALESCo (AlmaLinux Engineering Steering Committee), which will make decisions related to the technical part of development, similar to the work of the FESCo committee in Fedora Linux. Among other things, the committee will review proposals for improvements to the project received from community representatives. The purpose of creating the committee is to coordinate the technical development of the distribution to ensure the reliability, stability and relevance of the project.

The committee included six engineers actively involved in the development and use of AlmaLinux:


  • Andrey Lukoshko is an architect at AlmaLinux.
  • Ben Thomas is an infrastructure developer at University College London.
  • Cody Robertson is the CTO of Hawk Host.
  • Elkhan Mammadli is a cloud engineer at CloudLinux.
  • Jonathan Wright is an AlmaLinux evangelist from CloudLinux.
  • Neal Gompa is a Principal Consultant from Velocity Limitless.

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