The 20 best tips to get the Open Beta off to a great start today

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Von: Philip Hansen

20 hot tips that will not only help you survive Diablo 4 Beta, but master it. Guide for the perfect start for newcomers and returnees.

Hamburg – The Diablo 4 Open Beta is finally starting for everyone. But the massive test phase can kill newcomers and returnees. With our 20 best tips, tricks and guides you are perfectly prepared. We explain which is the ideal class, where secrets are hiding and what is important in the endgame of Diablo 4 on PC, PS5 and Xbox.

title of the game Diablo IV
Release (date of first publication) 06.06.2023
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment
Serie Diablo
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC
developer Blizzard Entertainment
Genre Hack and Slay, Action-RPG

20 Hot Tips for the Diablo 4 Beta Today (For Pros & Newbies)

Tips for the Diablo 4 Open Beta today The Diablo 4 Open Beta is massive. You can play the whole first act. That easily takes 10 hours if you want to reach the max level with just one character. So your time is limited during the test weekend. If there are also server problems in the Diablo 4 beta, you have to be twice as efficient. We therefore have 20 strong tips for all newcomers, but also for players who have already been looking for the closed beta.

→Diablo 4: Open Beta im Live-Ticker am 23.03. — Start, Server-Status, Tipps ←

Diablo 4 Beta: Choosing the right class and world tier and new mechanics

1. Choose best class: In the Diablo 4 Open Beta you can choose from 5 classes. These are exactly the characters that will be ready for the correct release in June 2023. But don’t overthink the choice, because you can create multiple characters and easily reset leveled skills and abilities (even for free up to level 10).

We’ll be adding the best builds for the Necromancer and the Druid (both weren’t playable yet) here shortly. By the way, level 25 is the maximum level in the open beta.

Select World Tier (Difficulty) in Diablo 4 Beta © Blizzard

2. Which world level (difficulty): In the Diablo 4 Beta you can choose between two world tiers right at the start: adventurer or veteran? That’s the difficulty. If you know anything about action RPGs, you should choose Veteran. Because there is 20% XP here (perfect for leveling up faster), more loot, but also more violent enemies. But don’t worry, you can still change the world level in-game.

Don’t forget 3 priority quests: Keep an eye on your side quests in the exciting story about Lilith. At fixed levels you will receive “Priority Quest”, which are tutorials disguised as side tasks. But the rewards are really juicy: for example, you get class specifications at level 15 or the ability to forge gems (Craft Gems) at level 20. So don’t ignore side quests.

4 new mechanics in Diablo 4: If you’ve been looking for Diablo 3 for years, you’ll have to get used to it. So the popular dodge roll on consoles is gone. There is now only one dodge jump every 5 seconds. In addition, you share your world in Diablo 4 with other random players (Shared World). Both innovations have already caused criticism in the otherwise praised Diablo 4 Beta.

Diablo 4 Beta: Tips on finding dungeons, teleport and Lilith statues in the world

5. Get out of dungeons quickly. You will get to know it, after forever long dungeon grinds the boss lies and you often have to run back all the way. But 2 hidden functions help: Click on the blue staircase symbol on the map or teleport yourself back to the beginning using the emote wheel on the left.

6. Use teleport correctly: The world of Sanctuary is already huge in the first act of the beta. Since there are no mounts in the beta, i.e. no riding animals (already for the release), you should constantly teleport. Sell ​​items quickly, disassemble equipment at the dealer and port back. Get used to these trips to never have an overfull inventory.

Diablo 4 Open Beta Patch Notes:

During and after the Early Access weekend, Blizzard made some adjustments to the Diablo 4 beta and so there are some changes at the start of the open beta on March 24th. You can find an overview of the patch notes here: Diablo 4 Open Beta – Patch Notes

Pay homage to 7 shrines: You can say thank you politely using the emote wheel – it’s worth it even if you don’t have a fellow player. Because you can interact with shrines through emotes. There are useful buffs, i.e. passive effects such as more loot or resistances. In the description, pay attention to what gesture the shrine wants to hear.

Warm 8 at the campfire for more XP: Reaching the max level in the Diablo 4 Beta is quite a bit of work. If you come across a pyre, feast your eyes on it and gain a bonus to experience just for standing around. Stay there until the flame icon next to the life bar is at 15 – the max XP buff.

Find and activate 9 Lilith statues: Although the demon Lilith is your great enemy in Diablo 4, you should honor her statues. If you interact with a Lilith Statue, you will receive permanent improvements for all your charterers on the account. In addition, your capacity for oboluses increases and there is gold.

Here you can find a map with all 28 locations of the Lilith statues in the Diablo 4 beta (source Reddit):

Diablo 4 Beta: All Lilith statues from u/siegfurd on reddit
Diablo 4 Beta: Find all 28 Lilith statues. © Blizzard / u/sigfurd on reddit

Pacify 10 Strongholds: Strongholds are essentially dungeons, but above ground. It’s hard to rid these strongholds of demon shit, but it’s well worth it. Because you transform the areas into new villages, to which you can even teleport. This also unlocked merchants and new underground dungeons there.

11. take to public events: One advantage of Diablo 4’s new MMO world is that random public events can occur. There is strong loot here and you fight with other, foreign players. Also and dungeon such events with really nasty bosses can sometimes appear – but then only for you.

Play Diablo 4 together and easily defeat the tough world boss

12. Plays Diablo 4 in a team: Sure, video games are more fun together. But there are also tangible bonuses in the beta that you only get in a group. There’s more XP, you can revive each other, and more enemies are coming – which means more chances for gold, loot, and experience. In addition, you can easily teleport to team members and save distances.

13. Don’t Miss World Boss: The toughest challenge of the Diablo 4 Open Beta is Ashava, the secret world boss. Ideally, you should fight the mighty monster in a team and get the best loot. But the monster only appears at certain times: Find World Boss Ashava in Diablo Beta 4 and get tips.

Diablo 4: World Boss Ashava from Beta
World Boss Ashava from Diablo 4 Beta © Blizzard

Diablo 4 Beta: Tips on gear, improvements and legendary loot

14. Spend gold correctly: IIn the beta, your gold wallets are notoriously empty. Therefore, invest in important things such as weapon upgrades or buy better items directly from dealers. You can safely ignore other services at first. That’s why it’s so important that you teleport to the village, as described above, rather than leaving equipment in the dungeon just because the inventory is full.

15. Upgrade Equipment: You can upgrade weapons and armor in Diablo 4, how often per item depends on the rarity level (blue 2x, yellow 3x, orange 4x). With new equipment, be sure to check whether improvements have already been made or whether the item is already at its limit. Because with each upgrade, the status values ​​increase noticeably.

16 divided Use collection chest: If you have multiple classes and characters, be sure to use the Collection Chest. It works account-wide. So you can easily push equipment from the beefy barbarian to the magician with a lot of intelligence and dismantle equipment with the right character.

Have you already decided which character you will start the beta with? Or is there only ONE true class for you at Diablo anyway? Then please take part in our survey!

17. Upgrade your healing potions: If the red juice is empty, you drop dead. You can and should improve the important healing potions in order to regenerate larger chunks per sip. This is the Alchemy Priority Quest, unlocked at level 10.

18. Legendary Loot and Aspects: If you really want to get everything out of your character, you have to think about affixes and aspects. Affixes give gear the strongest bonuses. You get aspects after dungeon for your code of power and legendary items (orange) always have an affix. You can then extract this bonus from the occultist and transfer it to other items (including yellow gear).

Diablo 4 Beta: carry over all rewards and progression to the release version

19. Time to experiment: Your progress towards classes or gear from the Open and Closed Beta will not carry over into the final release version of Diablo 4. So experiment, spend everything and do stupid things. So you’ll be a lot smarter when it comes down to it in June 2023.

The Wolf Pack in Diablo 4 as a beta reward
Diablo 4: the sweetest beta reward enchants everyone. © Blizzard Entertainment (montage)

20. Diablo 4 Beta Rewards: But stop, there are 3 rewards that you can only get by progressing in the beta and take them with you into the finished game: Everyone wants one in particular: One million players in the Diablo 4 beta are sweating for a cute puppy.